How to peel off wallpaper? Best practices

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Do you want to change the wallpaper in your apartment? However, you are afraid if you will manage? I present some proven patents for tearing off wallpaper at home.

Proper preparation for tearing off wallpaper

Before tearing off wallpaper, you need to prepare the room properly. Smaller pieces of furniture should be moved to another room. Larger furniture that cannot be moved should be protected with foil. It is also worth securing the floor. Contacts and sockets should be secured with painter’s tape.

To remove wallpaper you will need tools:

  • knife,
  • spatula,
  • spiked roller,
  • wallpaper remover,
  • a bucket,
  • brush,
  • sponge,
  • sandpaper,
  • joint compound – to fill in small gaps on the wall.

Removing wallpaper dry

This method of removing wallpaper is not recommended due to its time-consuming nature and the creation of cavities on the wall. Wallpaper is removed by gently lifting it with a spatula. This method is recommended for removing wallpaper from small areas.

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Wet wallpaper removal

Wet wallpaper removal is one of the easiest ways. Just wet the wallpaper a few times with a damp sponge or use a flower sprayer. After wetting the wallpaper with water, it comes off in strips. If it does not come off in some place, you should repeat the soaking.

Removing wallpaper with a special preparation

Wallpaper will come off the wall without a problem if instead of water it is soaked with a preparation for removing wallpaper. The preparation should be applied to wallpaper with a roller or brush. Usually 0,5 l of the preparation is enough for about 100m2 of wallpaper.

Removing vinyl and glass wallpaper

These wallpapers are more difficult to remove. That is why you should first remove the top layer of wallpaper and then soak the bottom layer with wallpaper remover. If the top layer is sticking too tightly, it should be perforated and wallpaper should be soaked with wallpaper remover.

Remaining wallpaper residue

Scrape off any remaining wallpaper on the wall with a spatula. Then wipe the walls with a damp cloth.

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