How do you store alcohol at home?

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Whether you like to have a well-stocked bar for the occasional drink or party or just want to store a few donated bottles, it’s helpful to know how to store alcohol to preserve its flavor. Unlike food, your main concern is not necessarily “spoiling” your liquor, although this can happen with wine and some liqueurs. The bigger concern is deterioration of taste and quality

How do you safely store alcohol at home?

Keep it out of direct sunlight. The harsh UV rays negatively affect the quality of the liquor over time. They can even change its color. Remember to keep alcohol at room temperature. Unlike white wines and champagne, strong liquors should be kept at 15-25 degrees Celsius (yes, even vodka). You can chill gin or tequila in the freezer before drinking, but the low temperature does not extend the shelf life of the alcohol. Once opened, the alcohol will begin to oxidize, which can definitely diminish the flavor over time. Remember to store liquor in a safe place, away from children and pets

How to store wine?

If you can, store your wine in a cellar. If this is not possible, remember a few basic rules. First, store your wine at the proper temperature of 10-14 degrees. Red wine should be aged at 15-18°C, rosé at 9-10°C and white at 10-15°C. Second, pay attention to dry corks. No one likes little pieces of dried cork floating in the glass.

Remember to store your wine in a place where there are no rapid temperature changes. Don’t keep bottles in the attic or by a window, or they will heat up quickly. Once opened, red and white wine will last up to 5 days in the refrigerator, and sparkling wine up to 3 days

How to store beer?

Craft beers are becoming increasingly popular. If you want to fully extract their flavor, you need to store them properly

Keep them in an upright position. Firstly, this will avoid the unpleasant metallic aftertaste. Secondly, storing it in this position makes the dead yeast sink to the bottom and thus you won’t be pouring it into a pint glass. As for the temperature, try to keep your beer between 2-16 °C

How to store liqueurs?

Whether you like to buy liqueurs from the store or make up your own concoctions, they contain more alcohol than beer and wine. Remember to store liqueurs in a cool, dry place.

However, you must take into account that liqueurs have a limited shelf life. The reason for this is oxidation. Closed pumps and filters are used to make beer and wine. In the case of liqueurs, often infused with fruit, this is not so easy. Oxygen will always get into the bottle during production and will ultimately affect the quality of the liquor. Therefore, try to drink your liquor within 3 years.

Put the liquor on an elegant tray

This method is simple, classic and elegant. All you need to do is find a tray that matches your interior design. Snake skin, brass, metallic, classic leather – the possibilities are endless. You can place such a tray on your coffee table or kitchen counter.

Turn your console into a bar cart

Bring a console to life by transforming it into a bar cart. You can devote the entire surface to displaying liquor or mix bottles with other decorative elements such as a vase, sculpture or a stack of books.

Place liquor among books

Display your most beautiful bottles next to a collection of books. The liquor is a unique decorative accent. It blends nicely with books or china. Therefore, you can place it on an elegant, solid bookcase. After all, who does not like to sip whisky while reading a good book

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