Home storage lockers. Practical tips

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In a small apartment it is difficult to accommodate seasonal clothes, shoes, books, documents, souvenirs and household items. Storage compartments help in organizing a functional space. We suggest how to cleverly arrange them and fill them with things without which we can’t imagine everyday life.

An excess of things does not make it easy to keep things in order, especially when there is not enough space for them. In large houses there is no problem with the available space, so you can afford to separate a separate dressing room or utility room. Difficulties can arise in small apartments. We suggest how to make use of every free space and plan storage compartments that will make it easier to store essentials and help keep things in order.

Hallway – a place with potential

When decorating an apartment or renovating, we often treat the hallway neglectfully, giving it little attention. And it’s a pity, because it’s a space with great potential, which – properly arranged – can become one of the more functional rooms. First of all, near the door it is worth fixing hangers on which to hang jackets. Also useful is a seat that will also serve as a shoe cabinet. If our corridor is wide enough, we can buy a larger utility closet, in which we will store not only seasonal clothes, but also cleaning products, vacuum cleaner, iron, mop and other household equipment. 

Different sized baskets, boxes and rods will help to keep the closet in order. For smaller and narrower hallways, we should use the free wall space and hang cabinets or shelves. It will also be a good idea to put a small chest of drawers where we can hide hats, scarves and gloves.

Living room – a non-obvious space for hidden storage space

Until a dozen years ago, almost every living room had a wall unit that could hold a lot of stuff. Today, this solution is becoming increasingly rare, and the focus is on minimalist living room arrangements with little overwhelming furniture. Meanwhile, each additional dresser and bookcase is a useful storage space. If you have a living room with a small area, opt for light furniture with a simple, slender form that will not dominate the room. A tall bookcase and shelves will come in handy, where we can place books, souvenirs or photos. In chests of drawers we can hide tablecloths, towels and bedding. A practical solution are poufs with storage compartments to accommodate children’s toys, as well as benches with drawers and shelves.

Baskets and boxes – the easiest and cheapest way of storage

Not only furniture helps to hide excess stuff. If our apartment lacks space for another chest of drawers, we can buy baskets and boxes of various sizes to fit on shelves, on the closet or under beds. The advantage of baskets and boxes is that they come in many colors and are often decorated with patterns, so we can match them to the interior design. 

They are useful in any room. In the hallway we can hide hats, scarves and gloves in them, and in the living room they will be great as storage for toys, newspapers or even books. In the bathroom, on the other hand, cosmetics and rolled towels will look nice in wicker baskets.

main photo: pixabay.com/Victoria_rt

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