How to make a wood cabinet, step by step dresser construction?

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A bedside table is a very important and useful piece of furniture in every bedroom. It is where we leave the most necessary objects, put a glass of water or put down a book after evening reading. Haven’t you found a model that meets your expectations in furniture stores? Then make the perfect bedside table yourself

A bedside table should be adjusted in height to our bed and fulfill certain functions. Some people like to have a place to store many items in their bedside cabinets, while others treat them only as stands for a small lamp. Making your own nightstand is not a difficult task, so we encourage you to act

Bedside table, what are its functions?

The perfect bedside table should fit the size of our bedroom and our habits, rituals and routines. Bedside tables are great for small bedrooms where we have little space to store our things. It might be a good idea to put a deep drawer or shelf in the bedside table, where you can fit books, newspapers, phone and our other trinkets and knick-knacks. Bedside cabinets usually serve multiple functions because they also serve as nightlight stands or a place to put a photograph or ornament. To make a bedside cabinet according to your ideas, start by thinking about what functions and tasks you want this piece of furniture to perform

How do I make my own bedside table?

Making a bedside table according to our ideas and needs is easy as long as we prepare properly for this undertaking. The first step is to buy materials needed to make the piece of furniture. The most popular option is to make the cabinet from MDF or wooden boards, they must be properly processed and protected. In the furniture store, it is also worth buying the legs on which the bedside table will be placed. In addition, it is worth stocking up on the typical tools for making the structure, namely screws, metal connectors, a screwdriver or a screwdriver and wood glue. These are the elements to make the basic design of the nightstand, of course, the appearance and design depends on our creativity.

Construction of the bedside cabinet

It is advisable to start screwing the cabinet together by cutting four boards, which will be the walls of the nightstand; their dimensions depend on how high the bed is. Then screw the connectors and legs to one of the boards, which will be the base. The legs do not have to be wooden and of the same color as the chosen boards. An interesting solution is to combine wood with metal or steel elements

When the base of the bedroom table is assembled, the next step is to join the remaining boards so that they form a square or rectangle with the base. This should be done using wood glue. The cabinet thus prepared should be left until the glue dries. The last step, which you can skip, is to paint the bedside table with the wood color of your choice

Bedside tables – inspirations

The look of a bedside table should be consistent with the style and atmosphere in which the bedroom is decorated. There are many interesting and simple solutions. You do not have to spend a lot of money to have beautiful and original furniture in your bedroom. For those who like minimalistic solutions, an interesting idea may be to use a drawer from an old desk or table as a bedside table. Just cover it with a board of an appropriate size, paint the whole thing in a color matching the interior, and then fix it at the height of the bed line. For lovers of nature and wood, a fantastic solution will be to set a piece of log in the bedroom of the appropriate height. A creative and avant-garde solution may be to make a bedside table from a wooden fruit crate, a metal barrel or an old chair. Sometimes in this way can give a second life to seemingly useless objects

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