Can you grow fruit on your balcony?

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Not all of us have the opportunity to have our own garden. However, there are plants that can be grown on the balcony. We do not need specialized equipment to make special pots with their own fruit from the balcony.

How to grow fruit in pots?

To be able to make your own garden on the balcony, we will need pots with a width of at least 50 cm. Long pots, which you can make yourself from wooden strips, are also very important. If you plan to grow a bit larger, it’s worth investing in boxes with a length of at least one meter. The balcony on which you plan to make your own garden with fresh fruit should have adequate sunlight. Otherwise our plants may not get enough sun. Many people buy special, suspended pots for this purpose in order to provide fruit bushes with as much sunlight as possible. Pour soil into the pots and boxes. Check what kind of soil it should be beforehand because some plants prefer soil with a neutral pH and some grow in alkaline soil. You can find out for sure by buying seedlings in a gardening store. In addition, the soil should have a suitable substrate that fertilizes it. This can be broken eggshells or a special organic fertilizer that provides your plants with the right amount of vitamins and minerals.

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What kind of fruits we can grow on balcony?

Perennial fruit plants are great on the balcony. You can plant and sow them in pots that you place on the floor. A pot 12-15 cm deep is sufficient for this purpose because perennials don’t have very extensive roots. The so-called “suspended ample” pots work well for them, as do baskets that are filled with coconut fibre. Strawberries grow very well in cascade pots, which have many holes underneath. You can also grow miniature climbing strawberries in such pots, as well as large-fruited cranberries. Blueberries and lingonberries are also ideal for the balcony.

What low fruit bushes would be ideal for a balcony?

You can also grow low fruit bushes on your balcony. There are varieties of raspberries including: Sugana or Baby Dwarf, which do not grow higher than 30 zm. You do not need special supports for them, as they can successfully lean against a railing. They can be also freely pruned. Very popular are thornless blackberries that give fruits in autumn and highbush blueberries, varieties like Patriot or Bluecrop

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The fruits such as gooseberries and currants can also be grown on a balcony. They do not grow higher than 50 cm. However, it is important to plant several varieties of trees in one place and choose self-pollinating varieties. Gooseberries and currants are perennial trees, so after their flowering at the end of autumn, when we harvest the fruit, it’s worth protecting them from the cold, for example, with a special, breathable foil. What’s interesting you can grow on balcony even varieties of apple and plum trees. An apple tree of the Polka or Delegrina variety doesn’t need much space and you only need to plant it in a pot which will be about 20 cm deep and 50 cm wide

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With fruit on the balcony you must also remember to water them properly. In this way we can be sure that our plants will grow in the right way. On the balcony, unfortunately, they are also threatened by pests, so it is worth taking care of the appropriate spraying. A spray made of horsetail extract works very well on aphids. You can also use nettle manure. You can make your own compost from dandelion or nettle flowers. With its help our balcony fruits will grow much faster. Garlic decoction, which we dilute with water in the ratio 1:1, also has a fungicidal effect. Thanks to that we gain the best agent against fungi and moulds. Spray it on the plants every 10-14 days. Caterpillars, on the other hand, can be stopped by spraying yarrow extract yourself.

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