Living room decoration – ideas for every day and every holiday

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Decorations and accessories are a brilliant addition to your living room decor. But what kind of decorations should you choose for everyday use and what will work on holidays? We suggest!

Decorations are an extremely important accent in the living room. They give the interior its character and beautifully emphasize its atmosphere. So what decorations to choose?

Textiles for the living room

A great idea for decoration are textiles for the living room. First of all, it is worth choosing beautiful window decorations. The most sophisticated proposal, which at the same time gives you great freedom in terms of color and design, are certainly curtains. They have many advantages, although undoubtedly the biggest one is their great variety. You can choose from many materials, patterns and textures. The slightly thicker and heavier ones will suit the living room perfectly. They will give the interior a cozy and warm atmosphere. You’ll find beautiful curtains, for example, at

Textile decoration, which should be found in every living room, is also a carpet. This soft accessory will look great at the coffee table or next to the sofa. After all, rugs warm up interiors, give them a soft feel, and besides, they help to group furniture together. You can choose from easy-to-dust flat-weave rugs to thick, high-pile rugs that are a pleasure to walk on. Round, soft, square, fluffy… there’s lots of possibilities.

Decorative cushions also make lovely decorations. They’re cosy, soft and make you feel much more comfortable. You can have them decorated with interesting buttons or tassels, or you can get a plain white pillowcase and a bunch of different pillowcases, for example in floral patterns or one color, to change the look from time to time.

Wall decorations

Wall decorations are also a good idea to decorate your living room. If you are a fan of classic solutions, paintings are a great option for you. A gallery of paintings will help you to choose a work of art, which will appeal to you and will fit into the climate of your interior. Depending on your taste, you can bet on well-known artists or look for young, yet undiscovered painters. Certainly both of these solutions will make your walls a pleasure for the eye.

Wall decorations made of brick or decorative stone are extremely popular, but also very aesthetic and impressive. Irregular texture attracts the eye and beautifully emphasizes the arrangement of the apartment. Such decoration will look best if you place it on one selected wall in your interior. Characteristic scratches, gouges and chipped will find their use in many styles – Scandinavian, modern, industrial, minimalist or rustic

Decorations for the holidays

Christmas is fast approaching, so it’s worth considering typically festive decorations for the living room. Apart from a richly decorated Christmas tree, a great idea is also an advent calendar, which will be a beautiful, but also extremely practical decoration of your wall, which will help you count down the days until Christmas Eve. Among the most popular Christmas decorations are also all kinds of reeds, which you can use to decorate your table, door, fireplace or even chandelier. In the living room where you want to create a unique Christmas atmosphere you cannot miss candles in stylized candlesticks and lanterns with Christmas motives as well as beautiful tablecloths which you can find at

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