How to decorate a room for siblings?

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Furnishing a room for siblings is a double challenge. Should we opt for two identical sets of equipment or emphasize the differences – this is one of the questions parents may ask themselves. We will try to answer them.

Difficulties in preparing the room

Having more than one child is, of course, a reason for joy. Sometimes, however, the dilemma arises: will it be possible to fit more than one child in one room? Sharing a room with a brother or sister can be both wonderful and frustrating. Children can grow up and play together, learning valuable social skills. But sometimes, especially when the age difference is greater, privacy in such a situation is very difficult to achieve.

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From the parents’ point of view, the problem may be to arrange the space in an interesting way, so that it is at the same time decorative and unusual, but still functional. Keeping order in the room of two children, especially a boy and a girl or being of different age, is not an easy thing. All the more reason to think carefully about the functionality of such a space from the beginning.

Eliminating the disadvantages of cohabitation?

Taking into account the advantages and disadvantages of a shared room for siblings, it is necessary to arrange it in such a way as to strengthen the positive aspects and reduce the problematic issues. How to do this? First of all:

  • try to make the entire space of the room available to both children: this will strengthen the ability to cooperate and share between them, at the same time it will be easier for us to arrange the whole in a coherent way,
  • let’s take care of separating the sleeping area for: for many reasons a good solution will be deciding on a bunk bed – it takes up less space, in addition it fulfills the basic functions of two separate beds,
  • let’s also separate the play zone, where there will be a carpet and shelves with children’s toys,
  • next to the toy racks, place additional ones containing clothes and other necessary utensils of siblings.

If you have a room with a large area, you can afford to do a little more – sleeping areas can be separate, multi-colored, with separate beds. The whole room can be connected by a common play area

A good idea will be to maintain a light tone of color of the room, such as light green. The walls can also be decorated with murals, which can be made with ready-made stencils or special stickers. You can even find some in stores depicting your kids’ favourite fairy tale characters.

A room for a girl and a boy

How to arrange a room for siblings when a boy and a girl are to live in it? First of all, the range of necessary toys will change, although this is an individual and basically instinctive question. The character of such a room can also be marked by a skillful play of colors. This does not mean, for example, that the walls or the carpet for fun must be two-colored. It is enough that in a uniformly arranged room, we put beds in different colors, similarly with shelves for toys. It will be good to use, for example, girlish pink and boyish blue. Importantly, both colors will intertwine in an interesting way, and will not create the impression of overkill.

Room for siblings of different ages

Arranging space in the case of a room for siblings of different ages will require a lot of commitment from the parents. An older child will need a special area for studying. Such a place should:

  • be located in a well-lit space, preferably by a window – it is worth using the safest daylight for the child’s eyes, and the deficit of natural lighting should be supplemented with a reading lamp,
  • be equipped with a comfortable desk and armchair – adjusted to the child’s age and height,
  • contain a cabinet for homework tools and books.
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