How to turn a bathroom into a cozy interior?

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The bathroom is one of the most important interiors in the entire apartment. That’s why it’s worth taking care of its beautiful, but also comfortable arrangement. We suggest what you can do to turn your bathroom into a cozy and nice place

Bathroom fittings

The most important element of each bathroom is certainly its fittings, i.e. washbasin, bathtub, shower and bathroom taps. But how to choose them?

When it comes to choosing a bathtub, it is worth paying attention, first of all, to its dimensions, which should be perfectly matched to the size of your interior. In stores you will find classic rectangular bathtubs, as well as wider models, longer and shorter, or even two-person ones. In slightly larger bathrooms, corner bathtubs or freestanding bathtubs with elegant legs will also be suitable, and will certainly add a unique character to your interior.

When it comes to showers, things are a bit simpler, but if you want your interior to be exceptionally stylish, it is worth opting for a walk-in shower enclosure. Such a shower is nothing but a fragment of the bathroom separated by a wall of glass and a mounted shower faucet.

When it comes to washbasins, the most elegant and stylish solution will be round bowl models. You can choose from traditional ceramic or glass, which are perfect for modern interiors.

Bathroom accessories

Apart from mixers, you should also take care about a set of bathroom accessories, which will warm up the bathroom and make it more cozy. So make sure you get a soft bathroom rug. It will allow you to stand on a nice and warm surface right after bathing. Buy a set of soft towels to warm up not only your body after a bath but also the whole room.

Another accessory is a set of toothbrush cups, a soap dish and a liquid soap dispenser. They are almost an inseparable element of the bathroom equipment and if properly chosen, they can also become its excellent decoration

It is also very important to choose the right lighting, which can make the bathroom more cozy. A good choice will be the light resembling as much as possible the natural one, which will bring to your interior a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. The most important are certainly the lamps at the sink and those on the ceiling, but a suspended ceiling and backlighting furniture or the bathtub will also be a great solution. If you’re looking for the right lighting for your bathroom, be sure to take a look at

Choose your bathroom door

When decorating your bathroom, you can’t forget about the doors either. After all, bathroom doors provide peace and quiet as well as intimacy. But how to choose them? First of all, make sure that they guarantee proper ventilation of the interior (especially in bathrooms without any windows) and that they open outwards. It is also good to choose a model with a lock. Moreover, make sure that the aesthetics of the door is harmonious and matches the rest of the room. You can choose from traditional and timeless natural wood doors, elegant and stylish white doors and modern glass doors, among others.

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