Hybrid mattresses

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Sleep problems are unfortunately an increasingly common problem nowadays. In this matter a lot depends on the quality of a mattress. A revolution on the market turned out to be hybrid mattresses which combine the best from foam and spring options. As it is known, a well chosen mattress allows you to rest after a hard day, to wake up regenerated and ready for action.

What are hybrid mattresses?

Hybridmattresses are an innovative combination of a spring mechanism and a sponge system for excellent spinal support and sleep comfort. Depending on the number of springs used and the type of sponges, a variety of effects can be achieved. Among the wide range of products offered by JMB Design, those who prefer soft or firm mattresses will find something for themselves. When designing and selecting materials, great attention has been paid to proper protection of the interior against moisture and microorganisms, which are particularly dangerous for allergy sufferers. Thanks to the use of materials impermeable to dust mites and mold, hybrid mattresses are safe and easy to keep clean.

Advantages of hybrid mattresses

First of all, hybrid mattresses provide ideal support for the spine. This is the most important function. It allows you to have a deep rest, without the effect of pain in the morning. The posture of the body during sleep is very important, because we spend many hours in this position, so it is worth taking care of the perfect mattress.

The use of springs and sponges allows you to enjoy the advantages of both solutions. Thanks to the high density of springs placed in special pockets, vibrations are minimized. This translates into increased sleeping comfort for two people. Appropriately selected sponges with different properties allow you to adjust the softness of the mattress. Their very thoughtful placement allows for the creation of special support for a particular body part. The whole construction is usually

is placed in a special cover that can be easily washed. Thanks to this, we can enjoy sleep in a clean and neat environment.

For whom hybrid mattresses?

A hybrid mattress will work great for everyone. It provides comfort and relaxation for adults and children. It is especially recommended for the elderly or those struggling with joint and back pain. Often such ailments are the result of an inadequate mattress. A good frame allows you to relax tense muscles, helping to reduce discomfort.
This is a great option for couples. Thanks to vibration-absorbing technology, the mattress allows for deep sleep, even if the other person is winding down or getting up early for work. It’s also worth mentioning for allergy sufferers, for whom safety is a priority. Hybrid mattresses are made with such materials to keep dust mites and moisture out.

How to choose the right mattress?

To choose the right mattress, you should look at the offer on the website. On JMB Design you can find detailed descriptions that will bring closer the features of specific models. Each person has different needs and preferences, so the choice is huge. The most important thing is to decide on a proven manufacturer that uses high-quality materials when creating products.

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