Birthday gift. What to buy for the first birthday?

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A birthday gift is one of the most difficult and important gifts to buy. It should be useful not only for the child, but also for the parents. When choosing a toy, pay attention to the fact that the thing is interesting and has the necessary safety certificates. Below are some of our suggestions

1. Home-made swing

When it’s cold outside, a home swing, which can be hung in the doorway, is a great idea. What’s more, it is an alternative for her when parents no longer have the strength to go outside with the child. Swings with wooden rungs are the safest, and stores have a wide range of them. You can find the most ordinary ones, with soft seats or in pastel colors. Remember to consult the parents of a toddler about such a gift, because there may be problems with its installation

2. Educational table

This is another toy that not only entertains the child, but also educates. Parents will find such a gadget useful as they will have some respite from their toddler. Educational tables are extremely absorbing for the child, they are colorful, talk, play and flash lights. You can even find ones whose individual elements move. Thanks to them, a child has an opportunity to develop manual skills and learn the names of animals, vegetables and fruits, learn to count or say various words. There are many such accessories available on the market

3. Sensory puzzles

Puzzles are always a proven gift. Sensory puzzles, on the other hand, are a bit more sophisticated. Not only that thanks to them the child will begin his adventure with arranging and learning about shapes, but also will get acquainted with various textures. The elements are covered with textured materials of various textures. Among them, you can find fur or bumps. Not only will they develop the sense of touch, but additionally interest the toddler

4. Dry pool with balls

Children love playing with balls, and going to the play area, mainly involves staying in a huge ball pool. If you choose this gift, your little one will have their dream pool at home only in a smaller version. It gives a lot of possibilities. The child can hide in it, take the balls out or put them back in. It’s a toy that will be fun even after several years, when the toddler goes to school. The covers are removable so they can be washed, and the foam quickly returns to its original shape

5. Homemade tent

This is a dream gift for both girls and boys. It used to be that kids built tents out of quilts, blankets and chairs, but now you can just buy them. They are extremely cute. Most often they have a wooden base, inside they are lined with pillows, equipped with pockets and windows. The child can store all his treasures there. The gift will still bring as much joy after a few years

6. Pusher

This gift should be consulted with parents, because it is very useful for children who are uncertainly taking their first steps. The second issue is that parents often buy such a gift for their child themselves, so it is worth making sure beforehand whether the child does not already have one. It’s worth choosing the best quality ones, because they don’t run away and they give the child a really solid support

7. Riding car

This is one of the best gifts a child can get. It gives a lot of fun and joy. Before buying, pay attention to whether the accessory is prepared to move indoors and outdoors. Thanks to this feature, the toddler will be more willing to stay in the yard and go for walks. A baby carriage should be equipped with safety belts, rubber wheels to absorb unevenness, turning wheels, a pushing handle for parents and a horn. Rides come in many forms, and some can easily be converted into a vehicle for older children

8. Baby Carrier Board

Manipulative boards have been incredibly successful, probably because they don’t look like toys. A toddler will find different textures, structures and colors on them. There are lots of shapes arranged on the boards. There are tools, an abacus, magnetic boards or various types of mazes. These are simple elements that attract the child’s attention and arouse his interest.

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