What to buy your friend as a gift – suggestions

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A friend is often one of the closest people to us. So it is worth giving her something special – but what? Here are the best suggestions!

A gift for a person close to us does not have to be expensive. Often creativity and ingenuity counts more than money. However, before we decide to go on a shopping expedition, it is worth to determine what budget we have and what our friend likes. Thanks to that it will be much easier to choose a gift, which will surely appeal to her.

1. An antyrama with shared photos

An antique frame with photos reminding of some important moments will always be a perfect gift. It is also inexpensive. It can be given separately or as an addition to something more expensive. Just buy an antiframe – there are different sizes available, it is worth choosing a slightly bigger one, which will hold a lot of shared photos. Then choose photographs important to both parties, which will remind them of the joint trip, party, etc., and put them under the glass. You can include some important souvenirs like tickets to a concert you and your friend attended together

If we know that hanging or setting up a frame in our friend’s room or apartment would be quite a challenge, we can prepare an album instead and put the chosen photos into it

2. Jewelry is always on trend

Jewelry is maybe a classic, but always useful gift. You should pay attention to what kind of trinkets your friend likes. You can give her something handmade referring to her interests, e.g. with a cat (if she likes them), a musical instrument (if she plays something) or something that refers to her profession – scissors for a hairdresser or a pen for an office worker. There are plenty of ideas! However, it is worth betting on slightly different, unique jewelry, which will stand out.

3. Something extreme? Why not!

Nowadays you can easily buy vouchers for various extreme experiences – e.g. paragliding, hang glider, avionet, bungee jump, parachute, balloon flight – there are plenty of ideas. If our friend loves adventure, it is worth giving her something like this. Then, remembering her experiences, she will always remember us – the initiators of the whole thing!

4. How about a bit of relaxation?

Every woman loves to relax at the beautician. That is why a voucher for a treatment, SPA or a massage will be a perfect gift. You can also buy a voucher for a certain amount, then your friend will be able to choose an option adjusted to her needs

5. Cosmetics are a classic, but very popular

Cosmetics are always a proven gift if we have no idea for anything else. They can be perfumes, creams, lotions or something fragrant for the bath. A nice option is to create a gift basket, in which you will put the specifics that you know will appeal to your loved one. All you need to do is wrap it in cellophane, add a card and you’re done! If you are worried that you might buy some unsuitable cosmetics or you are not sure what your friend uses, you can also give a gift certificate to her favorite drugstore.

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