5 ways to wrap gifts

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Embellished paper or maybe gray with natural accessories? Purse, candy or wicker basket? For men we have an interesting proposition with a shirt. We suggest how best to pack gifts – practically and aesthetically.

Every occasion is good for making someone happy and giving a gift – holidays, birthdays, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, passing an exam, promotion at work or graduation. There are really many occasions

Among the gift wrappers the leading are bags. Smaller, bigger, wide, narrow, colorful, with motive, shiny. Their advantage is first of all price and availability. You can buy them in every store, also in supermarkets. They do not require any effort – it is enough to put a gift inside and it is ready.

It is similar with boxes – they do not need any additional decorations, although they harmonize beautifully with an impressive bow or a ribbon

Classics are always in fashion

Apart from bags and boxes a popular way of wrapping presents is wrapping them in paper. It is simple and effective method. It works best with all regular shapes – CDs, books, perfumes, cosmetics or building blocks, which are easy to wrap in a sheet.

In stores you will find a wide selection of decorative papers – winter, Christmas, matte, glossy, solid, striped or dotted. So you will have no problem finding decorative paper to wrap gifts for every occasion and for everyone – a child, an adult, a friend, a newlywed or a superior.

Uniform paper can be tied with a decorative ribbon and a bow. Heavily decorated paper, filled with snowmen, Santa Clauses or stars does not need any additional binding. You can have more freedom when wrapping gifts for children – the more patterns and colors on the paper, the better

Grey paper and green accessories

A great idea is to wrap the gift in grey paper. It will look best when tied with a beautiful ribbon (for example linen), string or lace. Moreover, such a gift should be decorated with what we have on hand. Any green branches, spruce, mistletoe, and even rosemary or parsley will do. Add a stick of cinnamon, dried orange or lemon slices and you’re done. This type of decoration smells beautiful, and at the same time is ecological and inexpensive.

A pouch or candy?

It often happens that a gift is so undersized and out of shape that it is difficult to pack it. Then it is worth to use a pouch

The pouch can be made in several ways. Much depends on the material from which it is made. It can be a thick fabric, but also paper. It is enough to unfold the whole thing, put a gift in the middle, and then gather all the ends, so that a bag is created. To tie it, you will need a rubber band, which can be covered with an impressive ribbon with a big bow.

Another way, which will please especially the little ones, is to form a candy from paper. You can make it in the same way as the pouch, with the difference that you put the gift in the middle, then gather the ends of one side and tie it, and then the other side and tie it too. This way the candy is ready!

Pack everything in the basket

If you plan to give someone a few things, it is a good idea to pack them in a wicker basket. You can buy ready-made sets in stores, but it is worth composing everything by yourself. The baskets are available in different sizes and shapes, so you will surely find the right one. Such a basket can be filled with tea, coffee, and sweets. It is the most common choice for giving gifts during all official ceremonies.

Shirt for a gentleman

We have one more original suggestion for packing men’s gifts. Here it is necessary that the gift is in a box beforehand, as there may be a problem with unshaped shapes.

Such a box is packed in decorative paper, preferably smooth, in a neutral color. Then from another piece we form a collar and glue it. Then cut out a pocket and a strip which is a line of buttons. We glue everything, add the buttons and we are done. Such a package resembling a man’s shirt will certainly make a big impression.

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