DIY spice containers step by step

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Making your own everyday items helps you de-stress after a hard day. It’s not only economical and eco-friendly, but also an opportunity for artistic self-expression.

DIY items for beginners

If you want to reduce the number of things you buy or like to de-stress with manual work, it’s worth trying your hand at creating DIY items. When starting your adventure with handicrafts, it’s worth trying different methods and techniques to find the one you enjoy the most. However, for your first work don’t choose complicated projects, start with something simple and useful, such as spice containers. How to make them? We suggest you!

Spice containers from jars

Making spice containers from jars is very simple. How to make them step by step?

  1. First, of course, you need to prepare the right jars, along with their caps (after removing the remains of food, wash and scald them decently). It will be best if you can find identical jars, it will look aesthetically pleasing.
  2. Paint all the caps in the color of your choice with spray paint.
  3. Once the painted caps are dry, we write the names of the spices on them with a fine tip oil marker. If your lids are painted a dark color, then choose a marker in a light color. If, on the other hand, the lids are light, choose a dark-colored marker. The color contrast will make it easier to read the spice names.
    Can you do calligraphy? Go crazy with the shape of the letters! This will add charm to your jars. You can also draw ornaments on the caps. Express yourself artistically, combine, enjoy creating something from nothing!
  4. If you like simple accessories, you can consider your jars prepared this way. However, if you like more decorative accessories, then you can tie a ribbon or jute string on them. However, it must be admitted that such a solution is less practical. 

Spice containers – the first steps in decoupage

If you have some free time and want to try your hand at a slightly more difficult project, then we encourage you to make spice containers using the decoupage method. The beginning of the work is similar to the previous example – look for suitable containers and clean them. You can use jars, but an equally interesting option is to use containers of instant cereal coffee or modified milk for children. In addition to the containers, you will need acrylic paint, decoupage glue, napkins (it’s worth looking for ones with herbs printed on them), acrylic varnish, brushes and scissors. See below for a description of the various stages of the work.

  1. Paint the cleaned container and lid with acrylic paint. It is necessary to apply so many layers that the container is well covered and that the previous inscriptions and images do not emerge from under the paint. 
  2. Cut decorative elements from napkins, which you will glue on the painted container. If you also want to put decorative inscriptions with the names of spices on the containers, it is best to print them on breakfast paper and glue them on the container.
  3. Finally, cover the whole thing with acrylic varnish. It is advisable to apply more than one layer – this procedure will make the glued napkin and breakfast paper “sink” and will not be strongly felt.

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