Functional apartment furnishing? Opt for sliding closets!

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Do you have a small apartment and want to maximize the use of space? Sliding closets will allow you to create an extremely functional place for storing clothes, shoes and other accessories. It also turns out that sliding closets do not have to be expensive at all!

Opt for maximum space utilization

Modern sliding door closets are a timeless and extremely functional piece of furniture. Sliding door closets are versatile and will prove useful in many rooms: in the hallway, bedroom, children’s room, library or office. It is a piece of furniture, which will be perfect for a hallway, which usually belongs to narrow rooms. It is also a perfect piece of furniture for minimalists, who wish to maximize their home space and appreciate functional storage of accessories and clothes. This is because the sliding closet will allow for easier maintenance of order in the room. In addition, such furniture very often optically enlarge our space. It turns out that such a solution does not have to be expensive at all: cheap sliding closets. It is worth getting acquainted with the offers of online furniture stores, which specialize in sliding closets and choose the ideal solution for your house or apartment.

Sliding closet with a mirror to the hallway- the best choice for optical enlargement of the hallway

Sliding closets are an excellent choice for the hallway. This solution allows not only for maximum use of space, but also can optically enlarge our hallway. All thanks to mirrors mounted on the doors of cabinets, which provide optical enlargement of the space.

What if your hallway is really narrow? Nothing stands in the way of installing a practical sliding closet. Very narrow corridors and small anterooms dominate in Polish apartments. Furniture manufacturers, adapting to the market, are able to offer a functional piece of furniture, which will work on any area. A sliding closet for a corridor is usually much narrower than a classic closet in a room or bedroom, however it is still able to accommodate the most important accessories and clothes for us: outer clothing, scarves, hats, shoes, umbrellas.

It is worth choosing a closet with a mirror, which will be a practical solution for the anteroom. The offer of models, colors of furniture boards and available options is huge. It is worth to analyze your needs and choose the best solution. A narrow closet to the anteroom is certainly the best option for small rooms.

A half-couch? Perfect solution for a bachelor apartment and not only!

And what if there is really little space in our room and we want to maximize the use of space? Couch doesn’t always work as a comfortable bed, but we want comfort? Probably the bed hidden in the closet is a solution for you.

More and more people are deciding on the purchase of a half-couch for a studio or a small room. What is important, we gain not only a comfortable bed but also… additional shelves in the form of a bookcase. In the offer of furniture stores you can find both one-person half-couch and two-person half-couch. Modern furniture proves that arranging even the smallest room does not have to be troublesome.

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