What features do modern washing machines have?

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Can you imagine what the world would be like without washing machines? Although it sounds unbelievable, only a few decades ago, a washing machine was a device which not everyone was able to use freely. Nowadays, these devices are a basic equipment of every home and invaluable help and time-saving in performing daily duties. However, such a large selection of washing machines has not only good, but also bad sides. New features and conveniences make it difficult to choose a washing machine that will really suit our needs.

Find out what functions modern washing machines are equipped with and what parameters to pay attention to when choosing them.

Modern washing machines and their functions

A dozen years ago, a washing machine had literally one or two washing programs, which made their efficiency really poor. It was not uncommon that due to too frequent washing in a washing machine, some of the clothes lost their color, became faded, and not infrequently damaged. Sometimes even a small mistake in the choice of washing temperature resulted in our favorite sweater or dress shrinking by several sizes, which made it unsuitable for further use. The already mentioned small selection of programs meant that sometimes clothes or bedclothes were badly spun or still stained

Nowadays, none of the above described situations no longer occurs with modern washing machines. Many manufacturers of household appliances, including the Swedish brand Electrolux, offer solutions thanks to which a washing machine can not only wash clothes well, but also take care of their appearance.

Popular washing programs

As mentioned, until some time ago, washing machines had a small number of washing options. Today, most of the basic washing machine laundry programs include

  • cotton fabrics
  • mixed fabrics
  • synthetic fabrics
  • hand wash
  • cold water wash
  • short wash
  • delicately/heavily soiled fabrics

Additional functions

However, this is not all that washing machine manufacturers are able to offer us. Currently, the programs that allow washing delicate fabrics, shoes, sports clothes/protective clothes against rain or even clothes that are full of dog or cat hair, which, as we know, can be extremely difficult to remove, are becoming a standard

A very good solution is to choose a washing machine with a programme dedicated to allergy sufferers. The anti-allergy plus steam programme is one of the features of Electrolux washing machines from the PerfectCare line. It perfectly removes all kinds of bacteria, microorganisms and allergens from clothes. In turn, the use of steam during washing makes the washing machine use much less energy and water, which is an invaluable advantage when we use it quite often. Many washing machines available in our market offer also other functional solutions, which allow you to safely wash woollen or silk clothes

Have you ever done laundry that took a very long time? Unfortunately, this is a common situation with washing machines that only have basic functions. Washing some fabrics for too long may cause the clothes to lose their color and their quality to deteriorate. An interesting and helpful solution in such a situation is the SensiCare system, which is also included in PerfectCare washing machines from Electrolux. It precisely adjusts the wash parameters to the amount of laundry, preventing the cycle from becoming too long. That way your clothes will look as good as new for longer

Washing machine – what to look for when choosing one?

Of course, the number of modern functions and programs, which will have our washing machine is important. But do not forget that when choosing it, we should always pay attention to its parameters. These are, first of all

  • power of the device
  • power consumption
  • water consumption
  • noise level (too loud washing machine can be very annoying, especially if you have small children)
  • energy class – the best choice will be washing machines with class A++
  • washing machine capacity – it is especially important for large families
  • maximum spin speed

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