Large potted flowers for the home

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Large potted flowers are an increasingly popular interior design element. They ionize and purify the air and look very nice. The most fashionable specimens are the spreading palm trees, which are associated with tropical corners of the world. Which large flowers work best in the home?

Ficus benjamina

The most popular large potted plant is the benjamina ficus. Unfortunately, this plant is very capricious, it doesn’t like draughts or change of location – then it starts to lose its leaves. In home conditions it grows up to 3 m high. It requires a sunny position, room temperature and slightly moist soil.

Areca – a large flower for a small interior

Areca is a large spreading potted plant. It has been very trendy for several seasons. The large leaves of this palm-like plant are sure to add a tropical touch to your interior. Areca is perfect for both small and large interiors. This plant fits into any style

The most popular is the Yellow Areca called Chrysalidocarpus lutescens. This plant is native to Madagascar and has green leaves that are initially curled and later arching. This yellowish areca is undemanding and hardy. It grows up to 1.2 to 1.5 m high in the house. Areka belongs to the group of plants on air, that is, purifying the air of all harmful substances.

Shiroshima hybrid bamboo

Shiroshima hybrid bamboo is native to the Hida Mountains in Japan. This plant has recently become a very fashionable addition in modern interiors. The bamboo prefers a semi-shaded or shaded position. This plant has very decorative large green leaves with purple stripes. In home conditions it grows up to 2-3m high. Bamboo tolerates pruning very well so it can be formed into any shape. This plant is demanding in care, it requires fertile, constantly moist but not wet soil.

Hollow Monstera – the most fashionable flower for several seasons

Monstera is one of the largest potted plants. This plant is a climber, which grows to an impressive size, so it must always have proper support. Under natural conditions it is a creeping plant that grows in equatorial forests. Due to its large size it is important to give it enough space

Monstera has large heart-shaped leaves. Older specimens have large aerial roots that should never be undercut. This plant is very easy in cultivation. It needs a semi-shaded position. The optimal temperature for this plant is 18-22 °C. It also tolerates well lower temperatures. It needs watering once a week in summer and once every 2 weeks in winter.

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Washingtonia – a spreading plant for large interiors

Washingtonia is a spreading potted flower that works well in large interiors. The plant has a distinctive trunk from which grow green leaf fans with twisted filaments hanging from them. It can reach a height of 10 m and the leaves can be up to 1.5 m long. The plant requires plenty of space and a temperature above 16 °C.

Fine Chamedora

Chamedora reticulata is an ideal plant for forgetful people. The plant prefers a shady or semi-shady position. In sunny positions its leaves will wither. It needs regular sprinkling. It grows very fast. It needs moderate watering – often once a week is enough.

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Banana plant

The banana plant, also called Musa, is a potted flower growing up to 2 m high. It has very decorative big leaves. If properly cared for, it can grow small bananas. Banana plant is not demanding plant. It grows best in warm and sunny positions and needs regular watering. In winter, the temperature should not be lower than 14 ° C.

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