Practical gifts for the computer game lover

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In the world of technology, hardware gets older every year. Gamers, in order not to be left behind, have to regularly replace the equipment of their gaming stations. What functional gifts will work well for geeks?

A workstation is a business card of a gamer

Every gaming freak wants to have a functional place to develop their passion for playing games. A large desk is important and should have plenty of space. It is very difficult to fit a monitor (in some cases, two screens), a computer, a mouse, or a mouse pad in a small space. Not to mention the rest of the things that a player needs to have within reach. That’s why it’s worth thinking from the start whether a person has the right place to develop their passions. If not, a gaming desk will be a great idea for a gift.

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Gaming armchair

It is important that the furniture is properly upholstered and the thickness of the foam corresponds to the player’s posture. It is also important to be able to adjust the backrest and seat height. Games last up to several dozen hours, so it’s worth taking care of the comfort, which is important in this case. It’s worth choosing a chair with armrests – they’ll relieve the pressure on your elbows and wrists. It’s important to check whether the fabric used for the upholstery is leather-like, non-allergenic and, most importantly, does not cause your body to slip. Comfortable gaming chairs can be found in any gaming store, both stationary and online.

The screen is a window on the world

First of all, think about what kind of monitors for gamers, the potential recipient needs. There are hundreds, if not thousands of options on the market. Pay attention to the type of games that a person often plays. A different monitor will be useful for classic FPS, and another for strategic productions. The format and diagonal of the screen are important. Curved monitors are also available. The pleasure of their use can be experienced only at 27 inches. It is also necessary to check whether the graphics card meets the VGA requirements. The larger the screen, the higher must be the performance of the hardware responsible for the image displayed. Examples of ideal monitor sizes are:

  • for FPS: 16:9 (diagonal range 24-27″)
  • for sports and racing games: 21:9
  • for strategy and platform games: 21:9

Remember that the refresh rate is also important. You’ll get a nicer picture at 165 Hz rather than 144 Hz

Immersive sound system

A gamer should have good headphones. There are many types of this type of equipment on the market. The dominant type is the over-ear type, which completely suppresses the ambient sound. This way, the player can completely immerse himself in the gaming world without getting distracted. Closed headphones are the best choice in this category because they perform the previously mentioned functions. You should also pay attention to whether the equipment is multifunctional. A big plus is the possibility to connect it not only to a computer, but also to phones or consoles. You can also use the microphone for communication. It is also important whether the headphones are wireless or wired. If you opt for the second option, there is a chance that the Bluetooth connection will break at an important moment of the game. We do not recommend this type of equipment for important games. The weight and material of the accessory are also important. equipment – it is best to choose soft, leather models that do not press on the head and remove.

Stylish or funny mugs

The above examples of the gift touched on the technological side. Note that our potential player would like to take care of the condition of his vocal cords from time to time after a long exchange of sentences with other players. Therefore, it is also worth thinking about a simple, but how practical mug. It is not only a kitchen accessory, but also a gadget that will beautify the desk of every geek. You can find all sorts of creative motifs in stores. From classic “game over” text, to retro design such as game boy. It is also worth remembering that appearance does not equal quality. Make sure that the handle of the mug is massively made, so that the mug will hold firmly in your hand.

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