Decorate glassware for a kids party!

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A child’s birthday party is always a very important event. Regardless of their age, every child wants the decorations at their party to delight their guests. The decorations should always be tailored to the age of the child.

Decorations for a birthday party

The decorations for a children’s party should fit the age of the child and the theme. These decorations can be bought or prepared by yourself

An important theme

Before starting to decorate the table, it is advisable to determine together with the child the theme of the entire birthday party. Theme birthday parties are always more attractive for the birthday boy and other party participants.

Young children usually choose fairy tale characters for the theme such as: “Dog Patrol”, Elza from “Iceberg”, or Barbie. Very often the theme is a specific time of year, eg: “sea climate in the vacations” or “autumn fruits”.

What is worth remembering when decorating the table?

If the theme has been chosen, the next step is to decorate the table. Appropriate decoration of the table will encourage children to taste the delicacies that are on it.

When decorating the table for little guests, avoid glass and porcelain tableware. It is worth choosing paper dishes – they are safe and very convenient to clean. In stores there is a large selection of different disposable paper dishes. You can choose ones with fairy tale heroes or make an interesting motif on disposable dishes yourself

For a children’s party, a foil tablecloth will work best. If something spills, you can easily wipe it off. It is worth to match the tablecloth to the theme of the party

A very nice accent is a small gift for the guests, it can be for example: a lollipop, homemade cake, or a small chocolate.

Balloons, streamers and other paper decorations complete the table decorated for the party. The youngest birthday boys and their guests will be pleased with colorful (preferably hand-made) paper caps.

TOP 5 decorations for glasses

Paper applications for straws

You can buy or make your own paper applications for straws. To make your own straw appliqué you will need

  • sheets of technical block,
  • scissors,
  • double-sided tape,
  • printer.


  1. Print various small appliqués on sheets of technical block – each appliqué must be printed 2 times.
  2. Cut out the printed appliqués.
  3. Glue the applications on both sides of the straws with double-sided tape.

Straws with bow

Straws with a bow are a great option for a girls birthday party. Simply make a bow on each straw

Name glasses

One of the most interesting ideas are name glasses, thanks to which children will not confuse their dishes. You can sign the glasses:

  • with a washable marker,
  • with a stick-on name card.

Instead of a name, a fairy tale character can be glued on the glass, so that each guest has a glass with a different character.

Crusta – an impressive decoration of glasses

The preparation of crust is trivial, you only need to moisten the edges of the glass e.g. in

  • water,
  • liquid chocolate,
  • jelly,
  • lemon juice.

Then dip the moistened edges into a loose product. Great for this will be suitable for

  • granulated cocoa,
  • colored sprinkles,
  • grated nuts,
  • grated chocolate.

Decorating with a rubber band

Recepturka rubber can be decorated eg:

  • a pattern cut out of coloured paper,
  • beads,
  • fairytale characters,
  • feathers.

All you need to do is stick each of these things to the rubber band. Then such a rubber band should be put on the glass.

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