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Receiving gifts is a great pleasure, but giving them – incomparably greater! Most men like gifts that are practical or that emphasize individual characteristics of the recipient. So what can you give a man to get it right every time?

Plan ahead: personalised gifts

Online stores are bursting at the seams with all sorts of gadgets with engraving or personalisation options. These types of gifts are often bought as souvenirs, e.g. for a hen night, a wedding or a christening, but there are many more choices. Giving a personalized gift to a man shows that the gift was thoughtfully and meticulously chosen – after all, nothing with an individual engraving or inscription can be bought during last minuteshopping.

The most popular gifts are T-shirts and mugs, but special glasses for alcohol, gadgets made of leather (e.g. wallets or key rings), discreet bracelets, and a more sophisticated option can be a fountain pen. In addition to universal gifts, online you can find a range of accessories for cooking enthusiasts, such as personalized barbecue sets, cutting boards, recipe books or rolling pins.

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Men like grooming too!

It has become a common belief that gifts bought in drugstores or perfume stores are a perfect idea for women. Yes – most men can’t boast of such an impressive assortment of cosmetics in the bathroom as their partner, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be happy with a grooming gadget or a cosmetic. A popular idea is beard grooming kits. If your man owns a beard, he will surely be happy to test out an oil or wax designed especially for him. Another interesting option can be a shaving kit. You can find gifts online for both fans of electric razors and traditional shaving.

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Exclusive gadgets – if your budget doesn’t limit you

Special occasions call for a special setting. If there is an important event coming up for both of you, like a wedding anniversary or birth of a baby, or you are simply not on a budget, you can give your beloved one a high-end gift. Watches are perfect for this role – they are not only practical, but also highlight the prestige and add style to any outfit. The price range is huge, so you will surely be able to choose something perfectly matching your beloved’s taste.

Cufflinks are also a good solution. They can be silver, gold or even set with expensive stones. Think about what your man always wanted to have, but what would be too expensive for his budget. Maybe an original T-shirt of his favorite team, a set of tools in a handy box or some electronic gadget? You know him best!

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