Number on the house. Proposals for making a number plate

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The number on the house helps to identify it more easily, but it can also be a stylish complement that will add originality and delight all visitors. See how to easily make such a decoration yourself.

Why hang a plate with the house number?

The owner or manager of the property is obliged to place the house number in a visible place. This regulation can be found in

  • code of Offences,
  • geodetic and cartographic law,
  • regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure on the real estate serial numbering,
  • act on spatial information infrastructure.

The plate should be fixed on the front wall of the building facing the street or access road, preferably near the entrance to the house. Moreover, the number must be visible after dark, and if the property is located in the interior of the property, the plate should also be placed on the fence of the property, e.g. by the gate or wicket. In addition to the number, the name of the street or square must also appear on the plate.

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There are penalties for lack of plates. They are established by the misdemeanor code. If you do not mark your building, you can count on a fine of up to 250 zł. This is an offence prosecuted ex officio. In addition to the fact that the plate is a legal requirement, you probably want the newly invited guests to easily find your house? You can buy ready-made numbers in any general store, but it is better to stand out from the crowd and create something with your own hands. Below you will find some interesting proposals

numer domu malowany ręcznie
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Self-made house number plaques

A plaque on a shelf from a bookcase

You need:

  • a metal shelf from a bookcase,
  • a rectangular flower pot,
  • numbers,
  • letters,
  • mounting tape,
  • zip ties,
  • a drill,
  • plants.

Workflow: Start by drilling holes in the pot and the board through which you can pull the zip ties. When the holes are the right size – pull the clamps through and use them to mount the pot. Next, position and apply the mounting tape. Paint the numbers and letters with a contrasting color of paint, wait until they are dry, and then stick them to the shelf. Next to the whole installation, install a clear light. Such a plaque will be practical, and the plants that you put in a pot will decorate the entrance to your house.

A plaque on the periphery

If you live in a very secluded place, you are far from the city, and there is no neighbor in sight, in addition to the signboard, you can also be tempted to make a signpost, which you will place, for example, at the fork of the road a kilometer before your property

You need:

  • a wooden board,
  • wood paint,
  • shovel handle,
  • screws,
  • a wire brush,
  • brush and wood varnish.

Workflow: First, use the wire brush to clean the board. On the board, write the house number along with the street or village name. When the paint dries, cover the whole with clear varnish for wood. Screw the board to the handle and hammer it into place.

Wooden plaque

You need:

  • a 1:1 drawing or printout of the plaque design,
  • a pencil,
  • any cutting tool you like,
  • sandpaper or sander,
  • a piece of wood,
  • wood glue,
  • preparation for impregnation and coloring wood.

Workflow: Start by transferring the drawing with the number and name of the street to the board. Then cut the elements to the previously planned shape. Smooth out any irregularities with paper or a sander. Paint the number and name a different color than the background. When the paint is dry, impregnate the whole thing with a special product. When everything is dry, glue the elements to the board. Don’t forget to install lighting nearby.

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