Pouffes and seats as functional decorations for the living room

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Being able to receive guests in a beautiful and comfortable living room is something wonderful. There are many practical yet fashionable accessories available on the market that will make our interiors unique. Which ones to choose?

Pouffes, as well as various types of seats, are accessories that can be placed in any room. Most often they are found in the living room. It is where life concentrates during the day. With various types of poufs and seats, you can successfully create a functional interior with fashionable accessories

Practical and decorative accessories – what does this mean in practice?

Seats and pouffes are associated by Poles with the communist era; then it was an extremely fashionable accessory in every home. They were matched with those benches, and more rarely with furniture. Today much has changed. Puffers and seats come in many designs and colors. They come in a variety of shapes. They can be matched to any interior. They play the main role in the living room. They make an interesting complement to a set of lounge furniture. This is where they can be placed in prominent places. They add chic and elegance. However, they are often also contrasting elements, standing out against bright colors

They should be placed in strategic places so that they serve the homeowners well. Not only are they interesting in appearance, they are also extremely functional. The pouffes and seats, though small in size, are equipped with a place inside, where you can hide trinkets, children’s toys or seasonal decorations. It will be an additional hiding place for various kinds of objects. The pouffes are perfect for smaller apartments

How to use seats and pouffes practically?

If you don’t have much space, but you want your living room to be beautiful and comfortable, nothing is lost! It is worth focusing on accessories that can serve equally well to your household members or guests, and be an elegant addition to the interior design. How to functionally arrange poufs and seats in the living room?

  1. Place them opposite the TV or console

If you don’t have a large couch in your living room, you can place the poufs or seats near the TV or console. They should be placed in a strategic place so invited guests and household members can see what is happening on the screen. They will prove perfect if you often invite guests – gamers or amateurs of good cinema – to your home

  1. Puffa as a decorative table

In the living room you may place a pouffe close to the door or window. Just put a special overlay on it and it will turn into a decorative table. Remember that the overlay should be fireproof if you want to place decorative candles on it. The pouffe can be a creativity corner for our children or you can put souvenirs or other decoration on it

  1. Reading corner

Depending on the chosen shape – poufs or seats can become a place for reading and relaxation. There are extremely soft models available on the market, which will make your free time pleasant and allow you to relax. Such solutions will be particularly appreciated by bookworms, who like to rest in comfortable conditions

Types of pouffes – which one to choose for the living room?

There are three basic models of pouffes available in stores

  • Cylinder pouffe – stable and durable. It is cylindrical in shape and its filling is compact and hard. It does not change its shape. It has a free space inside for storing trinkets. You can easily change it into a table with decorations. It has various uses, which is why it is the most frequently chosen accessory
  • Puffa sako – filled with fine granules. It adapts in shape to the human body. It is so large that you can lie down on it! Great for bookworms who appreciate the beautiful appearance and comfort. It comes in many patterns and colors
  • Puffa ball – a beautiful seat in the shape of a ball. Is it practical? Children love it, the elderly not necessarily. It is filled with loose granulate, so it partly deforms under the pressure of gravity. It is perfect for placing in front of a console or a TV
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