Flowering potted flowers. Types and care

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Potted flowers are an almost inseparable element of decorations in Polish homes. They delight with their appearance and fragrance all year round, also during autumn or winter. Today we will try to introduce the most popular types and ways of their care.


Twister is a proud representative of South America, which, depending on the variety, shimmers in pink, purple or blue. An unusual variety of the species is Silvia, extremely popular because of its intriguing, rare form of petals – they are bicolored and wavy.

The plant requires partial shade, humidity and a temperature of 21 degrees Celsius. Unfortunately, direct contact with sunlight causes fading or “steaming” of the leaves, so it cannot stay on the windowsill like other flowers. The best place for it is a shelf in a corridor or a hallway

Stefanotis bouquet

The peculiar name of this flower is connected with its exotic origin – Madagascar. The small, white star-shaped flowers are characterized by an unusually intense fragrance, leathery leaves and a vine that can reach a length of almost 3 meters under domestic conditions

Stefanotis bouquetis is also sometimes called sensitive because of its demanding care. Even though it comes from an equatorial climate, hot weather doesn’t do it any good. That’s why during summer it can’t stay by a window and it’s best if it’s moved to a cool, shady place. You have to be very careful, because too much interference may lead to the loss of leaves and flower stems

It is complicated because Stefanotis should be transplanted to a bigger pot once a year, and for that it needs regular watering and sprinkling


The anthurium is an extremely popular representative of the pictorial plant family, which includes, among others, alocasia, zamiokulkas, horsetail, or the similar looking monstera. The fleshy, glossy leaves, intriguing white and red inflorescence, characteristic yellow stamens and sweet scent are an inseparable decoration of many Polish homes.

Anthurium is a sun-loving plant with fairly standard requirements as far as air temperature is concerned – up to 20 degrees Celsius. Intense fragrance is also associated with additional care – during the holiday season it will be necessary to fertilize (every two weeks) and water regularly.


Hoja is another representative of exotic countries, this time coming from far Asia. It owes its popularity to its strongly fragrant flowers, which in the bloom phase resemble an upturned umbrella.

Before the hoja blooms, however, it must be properly cared for: provide it with diffused light, no drafts, room temperature and water it adequately to the season (once a week in summer, once every two weeks in winter). There is a reason why hoja is nicknamed “moody plant” – there are cases when despite the owner’s best efforts the flowers will not bloom.


The last proposal in this list is a succulent from Africa. Kalanchoe are small flowers in pink, orange, red or white. Before it comes to bloom, it must stay in a sunny place, be properly fertilized and pruned. Otherwise, it does not require much attention, because like other succulents it stores water, so watering once every few days is certainly enough to enjoy its charm.

Main Photo: cottonbro/pexels.com

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