How to tie a beautiful bow?

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A beautiful bow can be an emblematic and inseparable decoration of a gift or an elegant parcel, which is about to be given to a loved one. However, it is worth to make it unique as well. How to tie a beautiful bow?

A bow made of ribbon – the quintessence of elegance

The basic material, which should be used to create a beautiful bow, will be a ribbon in a color that suits us. An even and impressive tie made of such material will be able to decorate various types of gifts. However, we should add that this kind of bow will also look great on a candlestick or a vase

What do we need to create the perfect bow?

In addition to patience and a little attention, you will also need basic materials. Among them is, of course, a piece of decorative ribbon or other material, which, thanks to the work of our hands, will become a beautiful bow. For this you will need scissors to trim the ends and a lighter or matches to protect them from fraying.

How do you prepare to tie a bow?

Of course, the first necessary action is to prepare the necessary accessories. The ribbon that will become our beautiful bow needs to be trimmed. But be prudent and choose the right size – remember that a ribbon cut too short will no longer be suitable for anything. It is advisable to leave some reserve, which will make tying easier

Begin tying the perfect bow

To tie a simple bow, start by folding the ribbon into four sections. This will give you two equal loops. Still holding them, cross them in the middle of the length to create an opening. The next step is to tighten both loops and point them upwards. Finally, shape a bow, maintaining symmetry

Decorate and secure the ends of the ribbon

Often the ends of the ribbon are trimmed diagonally to give them a better look and make the whole bow more aesthetically pleasing. As an added measure to prevent fraying, you can melt the ends of the ribbon slightly. Matches or a lighter will come in handy here. Be careful, however, not to burn the whole bow

Other types of bows

It is well known that practice makes perfect. Tying an aesthetic bow gives satisfaction. There are many types of bows that we can learn to tie and that will beautifully decorate gifts for our loved ones

The ”flower” bow

The flower bow is one of the most decorative, but also more difficult to make. So it takes some craftsmanship to create it, but it is not a task that requires special aptitude. You need to prepare two pieces of ribbon: a longer one to create the bow and a shorter one to tie it decoratively. To create the ornament, start by folding individual bows in a circle, using the longer piece of ribbon. When you manage to fill the entire circle – tie them with a shorter piece of fabric. Remember to do this evenly.

The elegant bow tie

A type of binding that presents itself in a more refined manner. It is a binding that is made from a single piece of ribbon. The secret is to evenly fold the ribbon into four pieces. Then, these pieces must be crossed with each other so that the whole thing does not fall apart. One of the arms must be pulled through the middle part of the ribbon.

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