The second life… blanket. Stylish homemade pompoms and tassels!

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On long winter evenings, blankets are essential. Some of them have been with us for years and need renovation. Check how to give a blanket a second life.

How to give freshness to your blanket?

Blankets are often used as bedspreads, so you’ll want them to be decorative and look beautiful. Check out our ways to spruce up the look of your old blanket

Why choose handmade accessories?

Recently it has become more and more fashionable to make your own decorations for home objects. Thanks to this we are able to give the apartment a more personal character. It is precisely these handmade additions look the best, and their performance gives great joy. They are the ones that allow us to turn an ordinary blanket into a beautiful bedspread decorated with tassels and pom-poms. That’s why it’s best to choose fluffy, soft and cozy accessories and accessories

Pom-poms and tassels as a blanket accessory

You might think that pompoms and tassels of all kinds are only suitable for children’s rooms. For some time now, however, we have noticed that this trend has extended to the entire home. Making such a stylish, beautiful accessory is no longer as difficult as it used to be. These lovely additions can be added to blankets, pillowcases, robes, bedspreads and curtains. It’s worth using them to add a fresh touch to your home accessories. Both pompoms and tassels are great for adding interest to your home decor

How to make a pompom for a blanket?

Making a pom-pom by yourself is not that difficult at all. Interior decorators recommend using tulle or mouliné, but you can successfully use yarn for this purpose. It is worth to use a pom-pom mold, a needle and scissors. We don’t need any other accessories. Wind the yarn on the pom-pom, so that it is evenly distributed on the form. The thicker you wind the yarn, the fluffier the pom-pom will be. After winding yarn on both halves of the pom-pom, hold them and cut the yarn where its halves meet. Then, at the point of the cut, insert the yarn and tie it into a few knots to secure the pom pom. The key to success is to squeeze the yarn well. Our pom-pom is ready!

Sewing your own pom-poms

Once you have your pompoms ready, you can move on to sewing them to your blankets. You can either sew on the corners of the blanket or the entire length. However, it is better to choose shorter ends of the blanket to sew the pompoms to. It will look much better

Twist, or tassels attached to the blanket

Preparing tassels to the blanket is not a big difficulty either. In addition to yarn, we will need cardboard, which can be successfully replaced by a book or mouliné. We wind the yarn on the texture, using the up-and-down method, to such a thickness that will be satisfactory for us. We decide how thick we want the braid to be. Then, take a shorter piece of yarn and tie a knot. Then, very gently pull the yarn off the cardboard. Then, using the mouline, create the head of the braid by tying the mouline around the yarn. Choose a place a few centimetres below the knot. After this stage you can easily cut the yarn. Do it on the opposite side to the knot. The fringe can be sewn to the blanket, just like pompoms.

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