Macramé – what is it? Inspirations

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Macramé is becoming more and more popular in the world of interior trends, and is an absolute hit of the decorations in recent months. Macramé is a special way of tying strings, which can be done without any specialized tools such as wires or crochet. Macramé is a versatile application, since it can be used to make beautiful decorations, functional flower beds, but also handbags or even hammocks

Macramé is a technique known for thousands of years, and now it has become very popular and conquers the hearts of many lovers of interior trends. Its universal character makes it perfect as a decoration in a cozy bedroom or in a boho living room. Despite its simple design, it is not only a decoration for children’s room. Regardless of the style of your home macramé decorations are an interesting addition and ideally suit people who appreciate handmade items

Short history of macramé

The history of macramé dates back thousands of years. Some believe that the term comes from the 13th century Arabic word migramah, which means “edge”. Others believe its origin lies in the Turkish word macramah, which refers to a “napkin” or “towel.” It was a way to secure woven items by using excess thread along the top or bottom of fabrics

Decorative macramé first appeared on the carvings of the Babylonians and Assyrians and was a braided fabric with tassels used to decorate costumes. In the 13th century, Arab weavers used decorative knots to finish off excess thread on shawls, veils and towels. This method of weaving then made its way to Europe via North Africa when the Moors brought macramé to Spain. While most think of macramé as a 1970s craze, the craft peaked in popularity in Victorian England – in the late 17th century. Queen Mary herself taught classes in the craft with the ladies of the court. Most Victorian homes had some sort of macramé, as they were used not only to decorate clothing, but also as curtains, tablecloths and bedspreads.

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How to make macramé by yourself?

In home furnishing stores you will get beautiful and original macramé, but making a braid is so simple that you can prepare it yourself. The most popular macramé is the one woven from string, which is fixed on a stick, and ultimately have to decorate the walls of our rooms. They also look beautiful as potholders, curtains or bedspreads. How we use our own braided macramé, depends only on us

To make macramé you will need appropriate string – hemp, cotton or linen, and a piece of rod or frame. Now it’s a matter of choosing the right weave. You can start your first project with simple half knots and square knots. On the Internet you can find a lot of videos, which will show you step by step how to weave macramé. Braiding techniques are endless, so if such a hobby appeals to you, you can confidently learn new ways and create original decorations. In the process of macramé decoration it is worth to use delicate buttons, feathers, shells, beads or ribbons. They will perfectly fit into the climate of the interior in the boho style

Other boho style interior decorations

If you dream of boho style interiors, it is worth adding other decorative elements besides braided macramé. Dream catchers, which can be hung by the bed, will suit an apartment in this style. Different types of figurines, decorative bowls, vases, expressive photographs or paintings will also look great. You do not have to be afraid of overdoing it, because boho has its own feature, that even a large number of ornaments emphasizes the unique character of the room. It is also worth taking care of potted plants in the room.

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