Flower Vase. Subtle decorations for interiors

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Flowers in a vase are a decoration of every interior. They make it cosier. How to choose a vase for flowers?

A vase should match the style of the interior. You can place it on a table, dresser or console. If you want to bring a breath of fresh air into the room, then put cut flowers in it.

Clear glass vases

Clear glass vases are very popular because of their versatility – they fit into any interior. Glass vases are easy to keep clean. It is a very ecological solution – it can be recycled. In stores, there are handmade vases and vases from mass production. The former are more expensive and have a unique design – no two vases are alike. Handmade vases are of better quality than the mass produced ones.

Clear glass vases go well with any kind of flowers. They perfectly emphasize their beauty. Glass has been one of the most popular interior decorating materials for several seasons. Items made of glass accumulate light – they additionally enlighten the interior.

Vases made of coloured glass

Colored glass has been in the trend for several seasons. Such vases fit perfectly into any style. They suit both monochromatic and colorful interiors. Glass is a material full of contrasts – strong, and yet delicate. Vases made of colored glass come in different shapes and colors. Simple minimalist forms emphasize the color of the vase.

A vase of colored glass is a decoration in itself. That is why ordinary flowers such as marguerites look best in them.

Ceramic vases

Ceramic vases have interesting forms and colors. Even empty ones are a decoration of a room. They fit to every style of an interior. They can have smooth or porous surface. They come in different colors. Large ceramic vases are suitable as decorative elements of a living room or dining room. The vase should match the style of the interior in which it is placed.

Metal vases

Metal vases have been very fashionable recently. You can choose among models of various interesting shapes and colors. A metal vase will work best in modern, minimalist and loft interiors. Large vases are worth exposing on the floor. Roses, lilies and orchids look best in them. A metal vase highlights their beauty.

How do I choose a vase to match the flowers?

The vase should be matched to the size of the bouquet, the color of the flowers, and the length of the stems. If you don’t know what cut flowers you will receive, then you should have a transparent vase at home. Such vases are versatile, emphasize the beauty of flowers and fit into any style of interior. Flowers that have their stems cleared of leaves and thorns look best in such a vase.

Flowers with a long stem look best in vases with a long neck. This allows them to be perfectly displayed. Roses, sunflowers, and asters, among others, look best in such vases.

Small bouquets should be placed in small vases. Their design should be a perfect background for flowers. If the bouquet is large, the vase should be bulky. In small vases, the flowers should be evenly distributed.

Main Photo:Chloe Bolton/unsplash.com

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