International chess day

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For more than a dozen years, since 1996 to be exact, chess players have had their day. International Chess Day is celebrated on July 20. Learn about the short history of this holiday.

Short history

Since 1966, International Chess Day has been celebrated among chess players on July 20. It commemorates the creation of the International Chess Federation, which was founded in Paris on July 20, 1924. UNESCO is the originator of this celebration, and the holiday is spread in 178 countries. Chess is the oldest strategy game with roots in India. Years later it reached Persia during the reign of Shah Khusrau I Anoszarwan in the 6th century AD. An Indian Rajah brought it as a gift for the ruler. Soon it became famous among the Arabs, and from there it made its way to Europe. Its rules were constantly changed.

The Queen’s Gambit

After the release of the Queen’s Gambit series on Netflix, the game experienced a real renaissance, and chess has never sold in such numbers before. Sales of books on learning the game are said to have increased by over 600%

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