What flowers are suitable for a northern window?

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Are you giving up on flowers on the northern windowsill for fear that they will be too dark there? The fact is that many plants will not tolerate a northern position, but there are species that will feel fine on it.

What flowers will grow well on a northern windowsill?

The huge number of species of potted plants means that we are able to find a suitable flower for almost any position. And although a north-facing windowsill is not the best place to grow flowering plants, we can find quite a number of species of green plants that will grow perfectly on it.

So what kind of flowers to choose for a northern window? Preferably those whose natural habitat is the low forests of South America, Africa and Asia. These plants, even in their natural habitat, have severely limited access to light, so a low-lit window on the north side will be a suitable place to grow them. Therefore, you can successfully set on the northern window sill horsetail, ivy, fern, calatea, climbing philodendron, hollow monstera, dracaena, herbaceous, zamiokulkas, phytonia or golden epipremnum.

The most popular flowers for a northern window

The popularity of plants is highly variable over time. The fashion for particular species changes relatively quickly. Until recently, among the plants ideal for a north-facing windowsill, the most popular were wingflowers and zamiokulkas. Nowadays, however, the fashionable plants are hollow monstera and golden epipremnum, which has been gaining strongly in popularity recently. Find out what requirements these plants have.

  • Wingflower – grows best in a position with diffused light or in partial shade. It likes high humidity, so frequent sprinkling will positively affect its growth. Wingflower should be watered with soft water, and its substrate should be constantly moist (it reacts badly to both overwatering and overdrying). 
  • Zamioculcas – a flower very easy to grow, ideal for people who forget to water plants regularly. It feels best placed away from cold drafts in rooms with a temperature of 22 to 25 ° C. 
  • Hole Monstera – grows best in partial shade, at a temperature of 18 to 24°C. It likes frequent sprinkling with soft water, but it is better not to overwater it – we do it only when the ground dries out after the previous watering. Remember that the leaves of a young monstera do not have holes. The older the plant is, the more the leaves are cut.
  • Golden Epipremnum – in very shady places its leaves do not color, so the best position will be a light twilight. It should be watered regularly, but not too abundantly (the leaves of an overwatered plant turn yellow and fall off the shoots).

Plants for a balcony on the north side

If you are looking for plants that will grow well in a room with a north-facing window, you may also need some tips on what to plant on a balcony that also faces north. Don’t worry, also among balcony plants you can find quite a number of species that will grow well on the north side. In particular, consider planting fuchsia, mosquito plant, periwinkle, impatiens, begonias, ivy and arborvitae, which should grow healthy and lush on a shady north-facing balcony.

main photo: pixabay.com/sodamtree

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