Plants are poisonous to cats – check!

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Every cat lover knows very well that cats can go anywhere and take an interest in anything. It is no different with our decorative and potted flowers that we have at home. Even an inconspicuous plant for us, for a cat can be an extremely interesting specimen. Unfortunately, many of the plants that decorate our homes are poisonous to cats

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Learn about the varieties you should hide or place high enough so your cat can’t access them. The following species are dangerous to cats:

  • Alpine violet,
  • Wingflower,
  • Ficus,
  • Poinsettia (Star of Bethlehem),
  • Ivy,
  • Azalea,
  • Amaryllis,
  • Aloe,
  • Dracaena,
  • Gypsophila,
  • Lily of the valley,
  • Monstera,
  • Oleander,
  • Sanseveria,
  • Zamioculcas.

These plants contain chemical components that are harmful to our pets. These include glycosides, resins or saponins. They cause diarrhea, vomiting, damage the mucous membrane of the digestive tract of the animal, cause cardiac arrhythmias, convulsions and even death of the cat.

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Remember, take care of your cat’s safety, because you are responsible for its health. You don’t have to give up your favorite plants, but place them in such a way that your cat cannot access them.

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