10 ways for better immunity

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Temperature fluctuations, frosts, strong wind – the autumn and winter season does not spare our body. We suggest how to improve your immunity in a simple way.

Sleep is the cure for all evil

Not only sleep but also rest is necessary for proper functioning of the body. Overwork and sleepless nights weaken us and make us susceptible to infections, disrupt our hormones, disturb our appetite and thirst. As a result, we eat our fatigue, often stimulating ourselves with energy drinks or coffee. It is worth to be aware that excess sugar also lowers immunity.

Every person needs an uninterrupted sleep lasting about 7-8 hours. During this time the room should be dark and quiet. Then the number of lymphocytes increases and melatonin is secreted.

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Avoid stress

Tension and long-term stress are bad for our condition. This is because the defense system is connected to the nervous system. Although stress is unavoidable, it is a good idea to reduce it, gain distance and learn to cope with it.

It is good to relax every day. You can use relaxation techniques or simply take a long bath, exercise, meet with friends, watch a movie or listen to music.

Movement for health

Regular physical activity, especially outdoor, has a positive effect on the immune system, oxygenates the brain and strengthens us. It turns out that there is no need to sweat it out in the gym. Just 30 minutes of walking three times a week is enough. You can also run, ride a bike, swim or do aerobics.

However, be careful not to overdo it. Too much exertion will lead to painful soreness, plus the stress hormone cortisol will be produced. The combination of both weakens the immunity.

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Balanced diet without stimulants

The way we eat strongly affects our health and well-being. During the sickness season it is worth to include in a daily diet vegetables (carrots, spinach, broccoli, tomatoes, peppers), fruits (citrus fruits, black and red currants and strawberries, also frozen), fish and dairy products (especially natural yogurt with live bacteria cultures). Pickles containing natural probiotics are also beneficial. It is also good to consume honey, which acts antibacterially. Meals, especially soups, should be varied with hot spices – Cayenne pepper, chilli, ginger or curry. They have antibacterial and cleansing properties. Certainly, every day you need to start with a nutritious breakfast, which will provide energy for many hours and positively affect the functioning of the immune system.

In addition, it is definitely necessary to eliminate or at least significantly reduce stimulants. Alcohol, coffee and cigarettes leach vitamins and reduce their absorption. A well-nourished and hydrated body is strong and can more easily cope with any colds.

Grandma’s tip – eat garlic!

The winter menu can not particularly miss garlic, which is excellent for cleansing the body, helps to fight colds, flu and other viral infections of the respiratory system.

Regularly consumed, especially raw and with the addition of fat, strengthens immunity, acts antibacterially. It is also worth having parsley on hand, which eliminates unpleasant smell.

Drink herbs, you will be healthy!

Herbal preparations also have a beneficial effect on the efficiency of the immune system. It is recommended to drink ginseng, echinacea (anti-inflammatory and stimulates immunity in many infections), evening primrose which has a wide range of health applications, purgative, as well as aloe vera, the consumption of which has become very popular especially recently.

Hat, scarf, gloves

Out of concern for your immunity, you should dress appropriately – not too warmly, in order not to overheat. It is best to dress in an onion, to take off one layer of clothing if necessary. Additionally, you should remember about a scarf and a head covering – it is important because almost 30% of heat escapes from the body through the head.

What is more, we should also take care of the right temperature at home, frequently ventilate rooms and use air humidifiers.

Toughening up

Hardening undoubtedly helps to strengthen immunity and allows to better withstand the autumn and winter temperature fluctuations. Rinsing your body with cold water at the end of a bath or wading in such water, even in a bathtub, is a great idea. Braver people may also decide to take a bath in a body of water, such as a river or a lake.

Sauna session

Sessions in the sauna are conducive to strengthening, purification and oxygenation of the body. In addition, raise the body temperature by 2-3 degrees Celsius, and this definitely does not like all the germs.

It must be remembered, however, that such entertainment is not for everyone. It must be abandoned, among others, women during menstruation and pregnancy, as well as people with acne or respiratory insufficiency.


There is a lot of truth in the saying “laughter is health”. First of all, positive emotions lead to increased production of immune cells, and they can also alleviate certain stress-related hormones. In addition, the diaphragm is activated, which leads to a boost in defenses, improved circulation and respiratory capacity. Cheerful people not only get sick less often, but also live longer.

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