Storage baskets for inspiration

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If you’ve ever tried to organize your bedroom, bathroom, home office or kids’ playroom, you’ve probably realized that you need some sort of storage container to keep your stuff organized

Are you organizing your bathroom? Place baskets on shelves to display towels, or under the sink to store toilet paper and cleaning supplies. Organizing your bedroom? Use baskets to store laundry, blankets, books and more. There are many other cool ways to use bins, such as storing firewood, organizing things under the countertop, etc.

Garbage cans are great for organizing space and come in handy when you want to hide things in an organized way. Not only are they stylish, but they also add warmth and texture to a room. With so many options, finding the best storage garbage can ideas can be difficult

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Rectangular folding storage basket

Now you can have a place for everything, with everything in its place. These folding storage garbage cans provide an attractive, lightweight solution for all your storage needs. The large rectangular bins are great for storing toys, books, board games, clothes, seasonal items and more. The gray and beige color scheme makes them stylish, space-saving pieces in any room. They are made of cotton and jute fabric, with a linen lined interior. They can be easily cleaned with a dry or damp cloth. A great feature of these totes is that they can fold flat for easy storage when not in use, and they have sturdy handles built in for easy carrying.

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Storage container for kids

Change the face of storage with these adorable canvas storage boxes. They’re the perfect tool for organizing your child’s bedroom or play area. They’re designed to fit on almost any shelf rack, and the reinforced cardboard sides provide extra durability. These baskets are usually made of canvas, often with adorable felt animal characters on the front. Choose a safari, forest, sea or farm theme to perfectly match your child’s room decor. When not in use, simply fold them flat and put them back when you don’t need them.

Foldable small fabric bin

Keep your child’s room, bedroom and other areas of your home organized with colorful folding bins. These stylish garbage cans are the perfect size for most organizers, plus they’ll add a splash of color to any room. Use them to store trinkets, craft supplies, magazines, kids’ toys and more. The bins have a sturdy construction with cardboard sides and a removable bottom that adds shape, structure and durability. They also fold flat when not in use. There are many design options to choose from that will enhance your space in no time.

Container with lid

Cute woven storage garbage cans have a large woven wicker design with curved sides and a removable lid. It is a natural style that goes well with most decors and would work wonderfully in living rooms, offices, bedrooms and even on the porch. The beautiful handmade baskets can even be used as seating, making them such unique and versatile essential pieces for your home. Their metal frame construction supports the shape of the basket and can also hold weight when used as a seat. This beautiful wicker basket is the perfect combination of storage furniture and stylish design that is sure to please

Elegant woven storage organizer with handles

These portable woven baskets can easily transform a family room, closet or bathroom with cleverly organized clothing, toiletries, linens and more. Simply place items that are causing clutter in the garbage cans and stash them on a shelf, desk, or even in drawers. The included bins are lightweight, durable and feature handles with removable lids. The garbage cans can be stacked or placed individually to save space. These decorative bins are a great way to create a beautiful yet functional space in your home

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