How to fold napkins for the Christmas Eve table?

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Effectively set table will surely delight our guests. Christmas details are as important as Christmas dishes. Apart from candles, green branches and elegant cutlery, beautiful napkins with Christmas motifs often appear. Effectively folded they will be a perfect complement of the Christmas arrangement

propozycja nakrycia świątecznego stołu
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Christmas tree

Definitely the most popular Christmas theme is a Christmas tree. A napkin, in dark or light green color, folded in a Christmas tree on a plate is a quick and easy way to decorate your table.


This is a slightly more complicated way to fold a napkin, but it’s certainly effective. To make a star of Bethlehem you will need a square napkin, preferably deep red in color.

Cutlery pocket

This way of folding the napkin is not only for Christmas. Napkin with cutlery pocket is a simple, elegant and universal form of table decoration. It will be also useful during other occasions. It will be a beautiful addition to even Sunday dinner with your loved ones.

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