Slim slats – where can they be installed?

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Paint, wallpaper, photo wallpaper, brick or maybe… wooden laths? The walls can be arranged in many ways, but it is worthwhile to try non-standard solutions. One of them are precisely the laths. What is more, they can decorate not only the walls. What places are we talking about? You can find out in the article below!

What are wooden laths?

Slats are nothing more than wooden slats, usually arranged vertically. They perfectly decorate interiors in Japanese, Scandinavian, industrial, modern or classical style. They are very versatile and will fit into various arrangements. Slim lamellas, which are wider and shallower than standard slats and therefore more decorative, are becoming popular. Moreover, slim slats from wotan perfectly highlight not only the natural color of wood, but also its structure and grain. The same goes for slim lamellas imitating concrete – here, too, the characteristic cracks and abrasions are clearly visible

Besides the obvious aesthetic qualities slim lamellas have a number of other advantages. First of all, they allow you to hang various objects on them, and at the same time improve the acoustics of rooms, muting unnecessary noise and echo, which is particularly useful in large living rooms or other open spaces.

Slats in the living room, slats in the kitchen, slats from wotan – decorative panels not only for the wall

The first application that immediately comes to mind in the context of wood slats is to place them on the wall. Most often we choose one that has a typically decorative function. We can stick the lamellas in the living room on the main wall with the TV, for example, because – as we have already mentioned – there is no problem with nailing other objects to them. They can hold paintings, mirrors, flower pots, shelves and even the TV.

Slim lamellas can also be successfully used to build an openwork partition wall, for example between the living room and dining area. They can also be used to decorate a kitchen island or other furniture. Laths are also very popular in the bedroom, more specifically on the wall behind the back of the bed, and in the hallway, just by the entrance to the house

In all cases, it is worth remembering that slim lamellas make the space warmer and, when placed vertically, additionally enlarge it. Nothing stands in the way of arranging them also horizontally, diagonally or in yet another configuration. You just have to remember to keep it in moderation – decorative lamellas on all walls will drastically reduce the size of the room and overwhelm it. Especially popular are the wotan laths, which not only look very natural, but are also durable and resistant, providing an unusual decoration for years.

Installation of decorative lamellas – by yourself or with professionals?

There is no doubt that wooden laths are very versatile and work well in a wide variety of places. The only limitation seems to be your imagination. In addition, the installation of lamellas is so simple that anyone can handle it. There is no need to hire a team of professionals. Only when gluing long lamellas can a little help be useful.

Moving on to the installation, the first step is to carefully measure and cut the lamellas to the desired height. Then glue the first slat, mark the gaps and decorate the chosen surface in this way. In the case of slim lamellas, it is best to keep a distance of about 2-3 centimeters, so that their decorative side can be fully exposed

You already know that slim lamellas are a good choice. Now there is nothing left to do but to find the best variant for you – both in terms of color, height and the target place where they should be installed.

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