How to juxtapose flowers in different covers and pots?

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If your home jungle has grown to at least a few plants, you’re probably wondering how to arrange flowers so that different pots and casings go well together. We suggest!

Flowers in different casings

Different pots and casings can go well together. To get a cohesive combination, you do not need to buy all the casing from the same series. It is enough to appropriately juxtapose them with each other. Below we describe some proven solutions. Thanks to them, flowers in different casings and pots will look good!

Different designs, same color

The simplest solution is to divide pots and casings by color. Different pot designs will not disturb the composition if their color is the same. Are you just going to expand your collection of plants? Why not opt for this solution and from now on buy pots of the same color? 

The easiest way, of course, is to bet on the color white – the difference in shades is usually so small that it will not be visible at first glance. Wondering if pots of the same color, but with different textures (e.g., embossed pattern, smooth glossy, smooth matte) will look good if you put them together on a windowsill? We know from our own experience that it looks very good. Different patterns and textures of pots of the same color make the composition not boring.

Same pattern, different colors

The second solution is to bet on the same pattern of pots, but in different colors. Such a multicolored composition is a strong decorative accent in the room, especially if among the pots you will find copies in intense colors.

If you need pots and covers in different sizes, then do not be afraid to reach for different sizes. Such a set will look especially good on the shelf if you place flowers in larger pots at the back and smaller plants in front.

This colorful solution is especially recommended for children’s rooms. Such a set of pots and covers will be a cheerful element in the room of a child. An additional plus is that we awaken in the child the need to surround himself with greenery and teach him to take care of plants.

Equal decoration on pots

You can also choose to collect pots and covers with similar decoration, such as gilding or rubbing. Even such a small common motif will give coherence to your collection and make the whole look great. 

Identical decoration on pots is also a good way to bundle together your existing collection of pots with different designs and colors. Depending on what kind of pots and casing you have, choose an ornament that will match them and you are able to make it. How about a gold or silver stripe at the bottom of the pot? Or a delicate pattern drawn with a permanent marker on uniform pots? Remember, however, that the decoration should be consistent with the style in which you have decorated your home.

Decorating pots and casing yourself is a solution that is sure to appeal especially to those with an artistic bent.

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