Velvet accessories in the leading role. Cushions, curtains, pouffes

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Velvet, plush, velvet and velvet are terms often used interchangeably, but is it right? The use of these fabrics in the interiors will surely make the room look chic and elegant. Small accessories are enough to achieve this effect. See what are the most popular accessories and how to take care of them.

What is it? Soft to the touch, shiny and delightful. Velvet. But is it really? Velvet, plush, velour and velvet all belong to the group of fabrics with a pile, commonly known as mesquite. Generally speaking, velvet, velour and velvet are types of plush. They differ from each other in the way they are made. Velvet is obtained from drawn threads in the form of bundles. After cutting the bundles the hair is formed. The second type of raw material is created from an additional warp, i.e. a different arrangement of threads. The last representative of plush, i.e. velvet, is characterized by short pile, it measures a maximum of 3 millimeters. Thanks to this the fabric has a unique shine and reflects light. Centuries ago velvet was used to sew representative creations of kings, noblemen and other valued people. Today, anyone can afford accessories covered with this material. Consider what is best to opt for.

Velvet decorations


Velvet decorative pillows are available on the market in a wide range of colors and patterns. The ones in natural colors are a solution for poised homemakers who want to find peace and relaxation. On the other hand, you will also find models richly decorated with sequins and embossed patterns. This offer is addressed to feisty people who are not afraid of bold measures. There is something for everyone

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New curtains made of thick and fluffy fabric will add glamour to the whole interior. Apart from aesthetic reasons, they have a lot of functionality in them. An additional plus is that velvet lets less light through. This is why they are recommended for bedrooms. It is also quite a big element, you can play with colors and thanks to them warm up the living room designed in cool shades.


You can be sure that a velvet pouffe will not dominate your interior, but will be an interesting and eye-catching detail. This kind of furniture is created in different shapes. You can experiment with geometry and bet on something different than round or square versions. Maybe you will be tempted by asymmetrical variants?

If you are afraid of big changes or just want a subtle metamorphosis, such accessories will make your home look exclusive and grand. These accessories will work well in glamour and retro interiors, but they will also do their job in raw, industrial rooms, giving them a homely atmosphere

How to care for velvet?

Any material that is not properly cared for and used will deteriorate and lose its aesthetic qualities. To avoid this, follow a few important rules. First, do not place items made of velvet in direct sunlight. If you do not comply with this point, the fabric may begin to fade. Second, regularly vacuum with a soft bristle brush items made of this material. The velvety mesquite unfortunately or accumulate dust and dirt

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Finally, read the manufacturer’s recommendations on washing. Some items you will only be able to clean with water or a mild detergent, at a temperature of 15 to a maximum of 30 degrees Celsius. Of course, you can only wash them by hand or in a washing machine on a program dedicated to delicate fabrics. You can do all these things if it is written on the label. However, if it is clearly marked to use dry cleaning, you should go to a specialist. Velvet does not tolerate high temperatures well, so remember not to iron it. An iron can lead to deformation and flattening. After washing, just hang the pillowcases or other items or lay them flat so that no creases form.

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