How to make a marbled pattern on bowls?

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Original accessories can completely change our home. We can buy them in a chain store or make them ourselves. A perfect solution are bowls with marbled pattern, which will work in every room.

The pattern can make ordinary objects become extraordinary decorations. Marbled dishes work well as a decoration in the kitchen, living room, and even the bathroom. As it turns out, we can make such a print ourselves at home and in a very quick and easy way

Marbled bowls

The advantage of the marbled pattern is its universality. Bowls with a marbled pint will work well in the kitchen, filled with fruit or nuts, in the living room full of dried flowers or colorful stones, or in the bathroom, as a soap dish. You can also store jewelry, lipsticks, cosmetics or hair accessories in a marbled bowl. Don’t know where to hide your keys? You don’t have to look for a fancy hanger or drill into the wall right away – the bowls will be perfect for this.

Marble has been considered one of the most fashionable patterns for a few seasons now. Buying this type of accessories in the store, we can spend a lot of money. Fortunately, marble decorations can be made by ourselves. It is also a good opportunity to give new life to old objects. This approach fits perfectly into the zero waste philosophy. What is important, this pattern can be used on practically everything – from cups, through plates, glasses, bowls, vases, to containers, cutlery, boxes or furniture surfaces. Marbled flower pots are also a great idea

Marbled pattern on bowls, step by step

To make a marbled pattern on bowls we will need:

  • a container or larger plastic bowl with warm water,
  • nail polish in the color you want on the bowl,
  • porcelain bowls,
  • latex/rubber gloves.

In a container or plastic bowl with warm water, pour a few drops of nail polish. Then dip the bowls into the water with the polish and coat thoroughly in the polish. The varnish will coat the surface of the bowls. After immersion you should leave them in a safe place to dry completely. The resulting pattern can be additionally protected with colorless nail polish.

If you want a more sophisticated effect, you can use two colors of nail polish. Ideally, one color should be darker than the other. First pour the darker polish and then add the lighter one, forming irregular spots and patterns with it. Only then do we dip our bowl. As before, we leave it to dry completely in a safe place. All the movements we make while dipping the bowl should be quick and decisive, as if we were taking the varnish to the surface of the bowl.

Be sure not to wash the bowls in the dishwasher afterwards, only by hand. High temperatures can damage the pattern.

Professional marbling equipment

Of course, it is possible to make the pattern with a more professional raw material than nail polish. There are marbling paints available on the market. The paints are also more durable and efficient. With professional marbling paints, you will achieve a more vibrant color because they are definitely more highly pigmented. Prices for a set vary around 40 zł. It also allows you to obtain a pattern on various types of surfaces from paper, to wood and glass inclusive. It is also possible to use it on textiles, leather, or even wax or terracotta.

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