Garden-Inspired Home Decor for Your Most Interesting Rooms

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If you’re lucky enough to have a yard, chances are you’d like to make it the most beautiful part of your home. The easiest way to do that? With garden-inspired home decor! Plants and flowers are not only great for adding color and pizzazz to your exterior, but they can also be great sources of inspiration for interior design ideas. Garden inspired home decor can be incorporated into anything from throw pillows to rugs to potted plants, and here are some examples of how you can incorporate that into your home!

The Foyer

Your foyer is one of the first places guests enter when they come to your house. That’s why it’s important to make a good first impression with a gorgeous piece like the Wood & Metal Console Table. With its rustic yet polished design, this table will give your space an elegant vibe that will last long after you’ve welcomed them in. Plus, you’ll be able to use the shelf on top to display some of your favorite art or even as an extra surface for small items like keys and wallets.

The Living Room

Whether you live in a city or the country, your living room is likely your first impression of your home. Setting an inviting mood is easy with these modern, yet still rustic and natural garden decorations. If you’re looking for vernacular pieces that are reminiscent of the past without being too fussy or old-fashioned, try arranging some dried flowers in a vase on the table or fireplace mantel. For those who like to bring indoor plants into their living room, a terrarium is the perfect way to do so without sacrificing any floor space. And finally, if you want something more modern and decorative without going overboard, try placing a small cactus on top of your coffee table!

The Dining Room

Often overlooked as a decoration or the back room of a house, the dining room is an important and often beautiful space. A few well-chosen accents can really make your home seem like a home:

1) Add texture with plants and flowers – Planting a small succulent garden in front of your windows will add color, beauty, and texture to any room. This can be easily maintained by watering them every other day or so. You could also place fresh-cut flowers in apothecary jars all around your dining table for that added touch of elegance.

2) Utilize color – If you’re decorating with black and white, try adding pops of color to create contrast with your white linens, silverware, and china.

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