Loft style. Living room accessories in loft style

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One of the most popular ways of interior design in recent years remains the loft style. Today we will try to look at the accessories that are an integral part of the decor of industrial spaces.

History of loft style

The history of loft style, also called industrial, dates back to the late 19th century, when French bohemian artists began to use the space of old warehouses and factories for their own studios.

However, the real development of the style is attributed to the United States of the mid-20th century. At that time, there was a trend in New York to make massive use of abandoned industrial buildings, except that the American version of lofts was ultimately intended as a place for young artists. Raw, squat halls were gradually arranged in such a way that the high ceilings, plenty of light, and above all, the low rent were conducive to the development of art, serving simultaneously as a workshop, meeting place and home.

The combination of functionality and enormous space meant that Andy Warhol himself decided to locate his “Factory” in one of these buildings, thanks to which the atelier on the fifth floor of 231 East soon became a New York center of culture and art.

Although initially the loft style was associated mainly with artists, the need for autonomy and strong individualism, with time it became very popular among members of the high class, who in addition to avant-garde design and large spaces also expected comfort. The growing interest in such buildings has led to the emergence of two types of loft style today: hard loft (original factory space) and soft loft (space imitating factory conditions) used by many developers.

Characteristics of loft style

Loft style interiors are very modern and minimalistic. Raw climate, resulting from neutral colors, omnipresent concrete, bricks, metal, glass, and exposed electrical and plumbing installations makes it difficult not to fall into admiration after crossing the threshold. The whole is complemented by a wide range of characteristic accessories, which we tried to collect below

Kitchen accessories

Kitchen is the heart of every home. If we dream of loft styling, we cannot do without a marble worktop, metal hood or gas hob. Metal lampshades of ceiling lamps, cutting boards made of natural wood, metal shelves for spices and cooking accessories, block knives or metal makinet will also take us on an industrial journey. There’s plenty to choose from, too.

Living room

We have an equally wide range of possibilities when it comes to arranging a living room. In its center should be a large leather sofa with a velvet bedspread, next to it a wooden coffee table on metal legs. An absolute must-have is also a hairy rug, a copper wall clock and a desk with a characteristic calendar, gilded photo frames and a few succulents.

The bedroom

It is worth taking care of the first impression, which is the hallway. Here experts suggest to get a metal standing mirror, wall lamp with decorative bulb, metal coat hangers and black and white posters. Complement should be walls made of structural plaster.

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