How to make tulips stand long in a vase?

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You can enjoy the sight of tulips in a vase longer if you take proper care of them. Learn a few ways to keep your tulips decorating your home for as long as possible!

Photo by: Lisa Fotios, from: Pexels

1. Trim tulip stems

The first step to properly care for your tulips in a vase is to properly trim their stems. This should be done as soon as they appear in your house. We cut tulips’ stems about 3 cm from their tips, on a slant – thanks to that tulips will be able to take more water.

Photo by: S. Hermann & F. Richter, from: Pixabay

2. Remove tulips’ lower leaves

To make your tulips last longer in the vase, remove their lower leaves before putting them in water. Otherwise, the leaves standing in water will begin to rot and the flowers will wilt faster by developing bacteria.

Photo by: Lisa Fotios, from: Pexels

3. Give tulips the right place

This kind of flowers doesn’t like hot sun or too high temperature, but a slight chill is good for them. Therefore, place them away from sunny windows. At night it is a good idea to place a vase with tulips by an unsealed window – it will help them revive a bit.

Photo by: Amina Filkins, from: Pexels

4. Change the water in the vase often

Nothing brings cut flowers to life like fresh water. Therefore, remember to change the water in the vase every day. This will help keep your tulips fresher for longer.

Photo by: Libby Penner, from: Unsplash
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