Modular wall shelves

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Shelves on the walls are not only a practical addition, but also a decoration. They can be mounted even in the smallest spaces, and still hold a lot of items. In addition, modular shelves thanks to original patterns and colors are an unusual decoration of the interior.

What are the most popular modular shelves?

Currently, home improvement stores offer a number of options for people who love attractive interiors. One of these possibilities are modular shelves. They come in different shapes and colors and are made of different materials. Modular shelves can be shaped

  • rectangular,
  • square,
  • oval,
  • hexagonal

Depending on the choice of material, there are those made of wood, brass, steel, tempered glass or aluminum. They can be narrow or deep, the choice depends only on ourselves. Thanks to this solution, we can easily arrange the surface of the wall in an interesting way, while taking advantage of their practical use. Modern modular shelves are a combination of modernism and functionality. They are usually offered in sets consisting of 3 or more elements. On the walls they create any composition, can be schematically ordered or mounted in total chaos. Their shape and material allows you to easily achieve a decorative interior design

Modular shelves – for which rooms?

Most often compositions from modular shelves are found in living rooms. It is there that they lead the way in the decor and work best. In a large room, a variety of colors of shelves can be placed on a single wall, then the whole thing gains character. They can also be an element, which breaks with its color or pattern decor of the entire room. Thanks to them, the style of the entire apartment is emphasized more strongly

Modular shelves in the bathroom also fit very well. Note that they must be made of materials resistant to damage and moisture. Cosmetics placed in containers can be an additional decoration. Just place pretty perfume bottles on the modular shelves, and arrange the cosmetics in wooden or metal containers, depending on the style of the bathroom

What’s more, these shelves also look great in the kitchen. You can place glass jars of spices or decorative cups on them. Thanks to the fact that the shelves have an open surface, you can create beautiful arrangements in them, which will emphasize the uniqueness of the entire room

Interesting arrangement of modular shelves

When buying a ready set of modular shelves, usually the manufacturer suggests how to arrange them on the wall. It is worth to follow this advice, but we recommend you to create your own arrangement tailored completely to your needs. Rectangular modular shelves can be arranged linearly, i.e. arranged in one line. This solution is especially recommended for book lovers. When we do not want traditional options, original L-shaped shelves or those modelled on the shape of stairs will be perfect for a home library. A unique solution are hexagonal shelves placed in the living room or kitchen. Combined together they resemble a honeycomb, and thanks to this they create an unusual styling effect on the wall

Open modular shelves play different roles. Those with a square shape can become symmetrically arranged flowerbeds. What’s more, they can hold many things. They can be elements on which music vinyls, diplomas with awards or simply family photographs are proudly displayed. In arranging such shelves, we are limited only by our imagination. They work great on bright walls, because their color stands out. Those made of real wood warm up the room, while glass ones give it a futuristic look.

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