Natural Baskets. Storage idea

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Natural materials reign in many interior styles. You’ll find them not only in furniture, but also in accessories and larger or smaller baskets. Storage can be stylish too.

Natural accessories

Beautiful woven baskets in a variety of imaginative designs are often used in boho settings. But baskets of all kinds make a great addition to any interior. And they have the added benefit of holding a lot of things, from cushions to blankets and knick-knacks

Choosing a basket

The basket is associated with wicker, because it is from it that these unique decorations are most often made. However, in interior stores you can also find alternatives made of plastic, cardboard, rattan, polyester or paper. Baskets made of wood, straw, metal or wire will also beautifully blend into many interiors

A novelty are containers made of seaweed or banana leaves – ecological and exotic. It is the possibility of selection of materials, textures, patterns, colors and sizes that makes them so popular elements of interior design.

One of the most beautiful will certainly be the classic baskets, which inside are lined with, for example, canvas. You can create them yourself, you just need to buy the right basket and material, which can be attached using sewing staples.

Baskets in the bathroom

Baskets can often be found in the bathroom, they are great for storing dirty laundry. They usually have a lid, which allows to hide its contents. In addition, they are capacious, and their colors and patterns allow you to freely choose them to match the interior.

Laundry baskets can be matched with smaller baskets for cosmetics, towels and cleaning products. They’ll look great hanging on hooks, too.

Baskets in children’s rooms

Children usually have lots of little things in their rooms, but it doesn’t take much to keep them tidy. You can get baskets that connect together to make a cabinet with drawers, for example. There are also larger versions that can be both a chest for storing bigger things and a seat. It is worth betting on artificial materials, since children often destroy elements of the decor, moreover, a plastic basket is simply easier to clean. Additionally, they are light and easy to move, even for the youngest ones.

Use of baskets in the kitchen

Baskets in the kitchen can be used to store fruit. They’re also great for organizing drawers and as containers for cutlery and spices. You can fill the shelves in your kitchen with different baskets to add variety and keep things neat and tidy.

Using baskets in the living room

You can use baskets in the living room in a number of ways. They can be used as a newspaper holder, to store firewood, or even as a pot cover. You may find it interesting to use a basket as a pet bed. It is enough to fill them with a suitable cushion. Baskets can also be placed in a corner of the living room and keep blankets in them. You can also put them in a corner of the living room and keep blankets inside, but make sure they have a lid so they don’t get dusty.

Baskets in the bedroom

A basket in the bedroom can be used to fill a drawer in a closet or a chest of drawers. It will work well as a place for linen, blankets and bedding. Decorative baskets can be placed on unfinished closets to hold seasonal clothes or towels.

Baskets can be used in many ways. They give a lot of arrangement possibilities. All you need to do is adjust them accordingly.

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