How to wrap clothing for a gift?

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Christmas is just around the corner, and as Christmas comes, so does the power of gifts, which need to be nicely wrapped. Buying clothes as a gift is quite a common solution. How to pack clothes, which will be a Christmas gift?

6 tricks how to wrap clothes for a gift

1. Gift paper

Wrapping a gift in gift paper is one of the most popular solutions. You can find a lot of different colored gift wrapping papers in stores. You can also wrap the clothes in gray paper and stick some decorations on it.

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You can decorate the wrapped gift with ribbon or decorative rosettes. An interesting solution is also to make a pattern with spray paint.

Wrapping clothes in wrapping paper

You can wrap your clothes in gift paper in several ways:

  • put it in a box that will be wrapped in paper,
  • if the garment is in foil or a box, for example, then wrap it in paper,
  • into a square – you should fold the garment square, then wrap it in paper,
  • in a candy – you should roll up the clothing and then wrap it in paper, forming a candy and tying it at the sides with a ribbon.

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2. Decorative box

A decorative box is a great solution for people who don’t have any manual skills. All you have to do is choose the right gift box, put the clothes inside and you’re done. Additionally, the inside of the box can be filled with paper or tissue paper.

3. Gift bags

A gift bag is a very common way to wrap gifts. The bag should be chosen according to the size of the clothes. You can find bags in different colors and sizes in stores. To make the gift more personalized, you can attach a name tag to it.

4. Handmade box

Recently, handmade things are very fashionable. A great solution is to make such a box and put clothes inside. The recipient will surely be happy with such a gift and a handmade box. On YouTobe you can find tutorial videos on how to make such a box. In the handmade box it is worth to pack a small size clothing.

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5. Gift basket

Clothes can be rolled up and arranged decoratively in a gift basket. This type of gift wrapping will work well if you have several clothes of different sizes to pack. Once the clothes are rolled and placed in the basket, it is worth wrapping the basket in cellophane and tying it at the top with a decorative ribbon.

6. DIY tube

A washed crisp tube or a few rolls of wide sticky tape can make a great box for rolled clothes. All you need to do is connect a few rolls of tape together. Then put the rolled up clothes inside and wrap them in decorative paper.

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