What gifts will make a teenager happy?

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Children’s Day is coming up. The teenager, though a big kid, is sure to enjoy a gift on this special day.

Difficult choice of a gift for a teenager

Anyone who has looked for a gift for a teenager at least once knows that it is a very difficult task. On the one hand, many teenagers still like to have fun, and on the other hand, they want to be treated like adults. When choosing a gift for a teenager, you can not be guided by your own experiences of that period, because the current times are very different from those of 20 years ago. This age, regardless of the generation, is characterized by rebellion to the surrounding world and an increase in criticism.

When choosing a gift for a teenager, it is worth first getting to know the world around him, i.e. what he does in his free time and what he is interested in. Does he/she like reading books or listening to music? Or maybe he is a fan of the latest technologies?

A gift for a teenager that supports his or her development

A great idea for a gift for a teenager is one that supports his or her development. If your teenager is preparing for exams, you may give him/her a math or Polish language textbook or a decent English dictionary. If you want to teach your child to manage his own time, then a personalized calendar will be perfect for this.

3 gifts for the young reader

1. Fantastic Animals. Newt Skamander J.K. Rowling

If your teen is a fan of J.K. Rowling’s work, he or she will definitely enjoy this book.

2. Oczy Michaliny M. Szczygielski

This book had its premiere recently. Szczygielski is one of the more popular authors of books for teenagers.

3. Felix, Net and Nika and the Gang of Invisible People by R. Kosik

This book is one of the obligatory reads. It tells the story of three Warsaw teenagers who have very interesting adventures.

6 gifts for the electronics fan

1. Gaming backpack with charger

The main advantage of the Genesis Pallad 400 gaming backpack is a built-in USB port, thanks to which you can, for example, charge your phone while traveling.

2. Gaming headset

Every fan of electronics will surely enjoy good quality gaming headphones. The headphones are equipped with an ultra sensitive microphone. Thanks to this, they can be used not only for gaming, but they will also be useful during remote learning.

3. Wireless speaker

A wireless speaker has already become a must have for every teenager. It is advisable that the speaker is waterproof and of good quality.

4. Power bank

Power bank has become one of the most common gadgets of teenagers. Many of them cannot imagine life without it.

5. E-book reader

An e-book reader is a great alternative to classic books. A teenager who likes reading books and technical innovations will surely be happy with such a gift.

6. Selfie stick

Every teenager likes to take selfies. Therefore, a great option is to buy a selfie stick.

4 gifts for the board game fan

1. Monopoly Fortnite

Monopoly Fortnite is the next installment of the now famous Monopoly game. This game is inspired by the game Fortnite, which turned out to be a huge hit. Players fight each other while avoiding storms. The player with the most lives left wins.

2. Kalaha Mankala Puzzle Game

Kalaha Mankala is the oldest puzzle game in the world and is still played very well today. There are 12 holes and 2 houses on a wooden board. Stones have to be put into the holes and then put into the houses. The game is for two players.

3. Taboo game

The game Taboo is very popular among Polish teenagers. It is a spoken version of puns. It is designed for min. 4 players.

4. Azul

Azul is a beautiful puzzle game where the player takes on the role of an artist arranging palace mosaics.

Cosmetics – a gift for every teenager

Cosmetics for a teenage girl should be tailored to her age and skin type. They should also match the individual style. It is worth giving a teenager good quality, organic skin care cosmetics. You can also give your teen a natural body care kit. In this way, from an early age you can teach proper skin care procedures.

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When choosing a gift for a teenager, remember to make it unique. Thanks to this, the gift will positively influence his self-esteem.

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