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Choosing the right gift for a teacher is not such a simple matter. There are several occasions during the year to reward those who educate our children. However, this does not mean that we always know what we should present to teachers and… Should we actually?

Indeed, many teachers answer to this question that they would prefer to avoid receiving gifts from the parents of their students. So it is worth to make sure beforehand, if we are going to make someone happy with another bouquet of flowers, which unfortunately will end up in the garbage too soon, or chocolates, which might not even be eaten.

Another problematic issue regarding gifts for teachers is money. It is obvious that in one class there will be children whose parents can afford exclusive gifts for teachers and those for whose parents it will be a significant expense. It is worth taking this into account, so that the end of the year or teacher’s day does not become a popularity ranking, depending on the content of the wallet.

What to give the teacher, then, so that all parties are satisfied?

Personalized gadgets

They are not as expensive as you might think! Many printing companies offer the possibility to have a specific print on a mug, t-shirt or bag. This is a really great idea when you want a teacher to remember your kids with a smile. Ask them if there is a saying they use. Or maybe he or she was particularly enthusiastic about a topic while teaching a lesson?

Whether it be the elements, the work of the romantics, or types of soils, you can always make something creative out of it! While a T-shirt may never be worn, a canvas bag or mug will come in handy for everyone.

Notebook and writing utensils

An organizer, calendar or notebook will undoubtedly come in handy for any teacher. Although we live in an age where everything is done on computers, many of us prefer to keep things organized on paper. An elegant organizer is a great idea for a practical gift

You can find plenty of sites online that offer notebooks with personalized covers. Even a simple diary can be turned into an extraordinary gift, all it takes is a little creativity! Sit down with your child and use scrapbooking to create a custom cover page dedicated to a favorite teacher or teacher. A fountain pen would be a great addition to such a sentimental gift.

Homemade candles

Making soy candles is becoming more and more popular. It is not as difficult as it may seem! You can easily order the products you need on the Internet. You’ll find lots of scents, and you can make practically any one of them in the color of your choice! It’s a lot of fun, and you can stock your home… or your whole family and friends with candles as gifts, too. You’ll quickly realize that the game is worth the candle!

Potted plants

As much as we love cut flowers, their charm fades quickly. It’s also worth considering that year after year educators return from teacher’s day with armfuls of bouquets. If you want the gift to remind you of your child and your gratitude for the knowledge and support offered to him/her a bit longer than the flowers bloom… opt for a potted plant. They can be extremely beautiful too, and will undoubtedly stay with the recipient for longer

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A pot of goldenseal, sansewieria, aloe vera or arrowroot will be perfect even in the home of a plant layman. How can you personalize the whole thing even more? Buy a simple clay pot and then decorate it with decoupage!

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