First wedding anniversary gift – what to buy your spouse?

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The first wedding anniversary is an important reason to celebrate. You should celebrate it with dignity and show your spouse how important he or she is to you with a suitable gift. Here are some suggestions on what to get him!

What to get your husband for your first wedding anniversary?

Are you preparing to celebrate your first wedding anniversary? Make sure it will be as memorable as your wedding. If you have the opportunity, plan a vacation and spend the day together. A walk, a movie – even such standard ideas of celebration can be personalized and celebrate this day in an original way. How? Instead of the usual walk, take your husband for a sentimental walk and walk the route of your first walk. Host a home movie and watch the movie you were at the theater for the first time as a couple.

Besides spending time together, many couples give each other gifts to mark the occasion. We would love to give you some suggestions on what you can give your husband as a gift for your first wedding anniversary.

Paper wedding anniversary

The first wedding anniversary is called a paper wedding anniversary. So, you can suggest the name of the anniversary and give your husband something paper-based. A poster with a timeline with the most important dates for you marked on it – from now on, your husband will not be able to say that he missed the date of your engagement or the beginning of your relationship. This is a very clever solution.

The idea of a paper gift also includes a memory album. Develop your photos, paste them into a beautiful album and write a dedication. Remember to leave plenty of blank pages, which you can fill with photos from the next years of your life together.

A book is always a good gift, especially for a paperback wedding anniversary. Buy your husband a book by your favorite author, you can look for an autographed copy – such a gift is sure to bring a lot of joy to any avid reader.

A gift with adrenaline

Do you lead a quiet life and sometimes miss the adrenaline? Your first wedding anniversary is the perfect time to do something for the first time. Skydiving? Go-karts? A rope park? There are plenty of options, be sure to tailor your plans to your temperament.

A classy gift for your wedding anniversary

If you like to give your loved ones classic gifts, then this one will also work perfectly as a gift for your husband for his first wedding anniversary. Elegant watch, cufflinks, leather wallet, silk tie, wooden watch box – there are really a lot of options. 

Relaxation in SPA

Wedding and reception is usually a very intense time, so the first anniversary of this event is worth spending lazily for a change. Relaxing together is a great idea for a wedding anniversary gift for your husband. A stay at the spa can be very relaxing. Massages, Jacuzzi, sauna, swimming pool – after such a day you will be relaxed and in a great mood. If your financial situation allows you to do so, consider extending your stay and spending the whole weekend in the SPA. 

Anniversary photo session

Nice moments should be immortalized in photos. That is why the anniversary photo session may be an original and very interesting idea for a gift for your husband. Choose a nice place, agree with the photographer on the style of photos, choose clothes and pose! You won’t forget about the smiles, after all it is your first wedding anniversary – a day full of good memories.

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