How to wrap an irregularly shaped gift without a box?

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Gift wrapping is as important as the gift itself. The matter is simple if the gift has a regular shape or is in a box, the situation gets complicated when we have to wrap a sweater, socks or a bag. How to do it so that the gift looks nice? Here are some proven tips for packing unusual gifts.

Wrapping a sweater

It will be easiest to pack the sweater in paper, or more precisely in crepe paper, which has a slightly wavy structure. Start with the fact that the sweater must be folded nicely so that after unpacking it is not crumpled. Then roll the sweater in a roll on the width of the paper in which it will be wrapped. It’s best to wrap the crepe paper several times around the sweater because it tends to tear. From the resulting paper roll we make a “candy”, twisting the paper at the ends and tie with ribbon. Such an appetizing gift can land under the Christmas tree.

Packing socks

For packing socks you will need a cardboard box, for example from shoes. The box does not have to be “clean” because we can wrap it with colored paper. Aesthetically taped box is lined with tissue paper, then we put rolled up funny socks, seal the box and ready!

Packing a bag

A gift in the form of a bag can be a challenge for the wrapper but if you have a piece of cardboard at hand you can make quite an impressive package out of it. Cut out a rectangle from cardboard the size of the base of the bag, then put the bag in the middle and fold the sides of the cardboard into the shape of a triangle, which is glued in two places with tape. Wrap the whole in decorative paper, quite tightly and glue with double-sided tape so that the place of gluing is not visible. To secure the sides we put them gently in the middle of our triangle, as aesthetic. At the end decorate the gift with a wide bow.

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