Artificial potted flowers. Hit or putty?

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Urban Jungle trend caused that more and more people reach for artificial flowers, which until recently were associated only with kitsch straight from the People’s Republic of Poland. Modern artificial flowers are in no way inferior to the real ones and can be used to create beautiful arrangements. What are the most fashionable artificial flowers? How can you emphasize your interior with them?

In what situations do artificial flowers work best?

Artificial flowers have as many supporters as opponents. According to their opponents such plants are kitschy and should not be placed in the apartment. Unfortunately, many people can not have live flowers at home because of:

  • allergies in the soil of potted plants there are very often fungi that cause allergies;
  • lack of time more and more people do not have time to properly care for plants. In this case it is better to resign from plants that may wither;
  • lack of“hand for flowers ” – this phenomenon is difficult to explain, in the case of such people flowers simply fade away in front of their eyes;
  • lack of suitable conditions every potted flower has its own requirements (requires appropriate amount of light), so it is impossible to grow flowers in rooms without windows
  • frequent travelling if you often go away on business, it’s impossible to take care of plants from a distance;
  • lack of desire many people simply don’t have the desire to care for live plants in their home.

Advantages of artificial flowers

Artificial flowers have a number of advantages. The most important one is that they are fully maintenance-free, meaning they don’t need to be watered, pruned or fertilized, so this is ideal for busy and forgetful people. Artificial flowers are a great solution for people with pets because they are not poisonous. There is no need to worry that your beloved pet will get poisoned by biting into, for example, sundaville.

Another very important advantage is that they can be placed in any room – regardless of the degree of sunlight. Artificial plants can also be moved around without worrying that they will start to wither or lose their leaves.

It seems that the disadvantage of artificial plants is their price. Nothing could be further from the truth. Buying an artificial plant is a one-time expense and you don’t have to incur any additional costs (as is the case with live plants).

Which artificial flowers will be best?

Artificial potted flowers are very versatile and will work well in any room. Thanks to the fact that they do not have any requirements, they can be placed anywhere in the house.

Modern artificial flowers also look great placed in a vase. A well composed bouquet will be a decoration of any interior.

Hanging artificial flowers are the interior hit of the last few seasons. Suspended from the ceiling pots look very elegant and give the interior a cozy feel.

The most fashionable types of artificial flowers

The most fashionable artificial flowers are:

  • succulents very appreciated decorative plants, they look interesting in various arrangements in glass;
  • olive tree very interesting look set in a large decorative pot on the floor;
  • ficus is a very impressive plant, but capricious. Therefore, in the apartment will be perfect artificial ficus, which deceptively resembles the real one.
  • orchid artificial orchids bloom all year round and their appearance resembles the real ones;
  • strelitzia a very impressive plant with large leaves, perfect for the Urban Jungle style.

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