Living room in shabby chic style

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Shabby chic is a style full of charm. It emanates romance through the unique forms of furniture, floral patterns and the atmosphere of coziness. If you dream of a living room, which rapidly departs from the minimalist solutions towards climatic, homely atmosphere, you will love shabby chic

Shabby chic is a style clearly outlined, and thus not very universal. It is full of feminine accents – such as pastel colors (including shades of powder pink), floral accessories and soft textiles – which is why not every man will feel comfortable in shabby chic style interiors. But what definitely cannot be missing in them?

White plays the first fiddle

The color scheme of a shabby chic style living room is both subdued and striking. Interesting, isn’t it? In “shabby chic” arrangements white dominates, especially its warm shades, which emphasize the cozy character of the decor. However, white is only a background for accessories and patterns in pastel colors – powder pinks, baby blues, bleached yellows, beiges and browns are allowed

Colors in shabby chic style are introduced mainly through accessories. By keeping the walls and furniture in classic white or ivory, you will avoid the color chaos of the arrangement. While keeping the white canvas of the biggest decor elements, you can safely experiment with colors – even such delicate ones as pastels

Old means fashionable!

The literal translation of the name shabby chic is worn-out chic. And this term most accurately reflects the essence of this unique style, in which the vintage is dressed in romantic shades and wraps a homely warmth

In the living room shabby chic best pearls found on the flea market, on which time has already left its mark. Any damage to the varnish, delicate scratches or dents in the furniture have a history, which plays a huge role in shabby chic arrangements. If you want to adapt your modern living room furniture in this style, rub the whitewashed wood with sandpaper for an aged effect. Avoid minimalist aesthetics and geometric shapes – what counts are round forms, delicate ornaments, unique compositions.

In addition to bleached wood, metal also appears in the shabby chic style. However, it should also bear traces of use, which in these arrangements are transformed into an aesthetic asset. Patinated copper, worn metal hardware and fragments of rust – you will find it all in the shabby chic living room.

Wicker, roses and lace – not only at grandma’s

In the shabby chic style, patterns and decorations play a huge role. Floral motifs appear most often – small and sophisticated patterns in the form of wallpaper, on the fabric of a sofa or armchair, as well as in porcelain tableware in the sideboard. In addition to floral motifs, you can also find stripes and fabrics, in which the aesthetic pattern is the clear weave itself

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A huge role is also played by textiles. In interiors inspired by the English province we will find a huge amount of lace – in the form of curtains, tablecloths, delicate decorative handkerchiefs. Embroidered elements, draperies and frills are also welcome. Sometimes to the point of exaggeration!

Lots of accessories – pillows, vases, tablecloths

Shabby chic is a romantic eclecticism. And although in arrangements kept in this style you will find a lot of patterns, accessories and colors, it is not easy to overdo – you just need to feel the soul of shabby chic and stick to appropriate color scheme

All accessories in shabby chic style must emphasize the retro character of these arrangements. Dishes that were once broken and glued back together, crushed teacups in a rose pattern, and even decorative cutlery that has long since turned gray or patinaed will work great. Also, be sure to display cut flowers in retro vases – they accentuate the lightness of the arrangement and its homey feel

Shabby chic also loves accessories perfected with decoupage techniques. So if you have boring jewelry boxes or vases that could use a second life, grab the glue in your hand and let your imagination run wild! DIY decorations tell the most unique of all stories – your own. And uniqueness is the basis of shabby chic.

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