A room for a boy aged 7. How to decorate?

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Are you looking for inspiration to decorate a cozy room for a 7-year-old boy, where he can feel comfortable and safe? We can help you! Here are some essential tips!

Remember that children grow up and their tastes change!

So opt for a solution that will allow you to limit the annual replacement of furniture – thus protecting both the environment and your wallet. They should be versatile and suitable for all ages. Buying an adjustable chair or a folding bed is the best way to do this.

Room size and the amount of furniture

An important point is that children are not in the habit of keeping things tidy. Therefore, minimalist furniture that allows to meet the basic needs of the boy is the most practical solution. The chaos caused by the energetic play of a 7-year-old is often reason enough for caregivers to also consider baskets or boxes into which the child can throw toys

Pay attention to the temperament of the boy, perhaps he will also need accessories such as a ladder or a climbing wall. If he likes to paint, invest in a wall board on which he can paint with markers. Thanks to this, you will reduce the monthly renovation of the apartment and you will motivate your child to fulfill his/her passions!

Choosing a wall color scheme and theme for the space

The best way to choose the right wall color for a boy’s room is to talk to him. You can take him with you to the store to choose the shade he would like the room to be in on his own. However, keep in mind that the shade should be subdued so that it does not negatively affect the boy’s mood

Color has a big impact on the emotions we feel. Daily stay in a room with a sharp, glaring color of the walls is not advisable. However, you can choose the right accessories with more intense colors, so you can create a tasteful composition adapted to each age frame.

Lighting is essential!

In addition to the main lighting of the room, which provides a chandelier or a lamp in the middle of the ceiling, in the child’s room you need small lamps, such as desk or night lamp. It is a common phenomenon that children fall asleep by the bedside lamp, which parents put out in the middle of the night. So it is worth to bet on such a bedside lamp, which will serve as an accessory making it easier for a 7-year-old to fall asleep, and in the future for a 14-year-old to study with a book until late in the evening.

Additions that make a difference

A blanket, a rug, or a pillow may not make much of a difference on their own, but when combined with the décor mentioned earlier in this article, a boy’s own corner of the house will give him the freedom to relax. This is important at any stage of adolescence. It is good that the boy himself can choose what makes him feel safe and comfortable. Ideally, the items that make up the bulk of the interior design should be made of natural but soft material

The boy should be the originator of some parts of the decor of his room. However, you should not agree to absolutely all his suggestions if they are not sensible and functional in any way. However, you should always keep in mind what guides the child in his choices. By gaining knowledge, you will get invaluable tips on how to create the perfect space for your child.

Main Photo: Olya Kobruseva/pexels.com

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