Wall Inscriptions. Room decoration idea for a teenager

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Your child is growing up and his tastes and preferences are changing along with him. Maybe it’s high time to adjust the room to the growing up young man and let him choose accessories and decor elements, among which he will feel at home

Of course, it is not worth to conduct a general renovation right away. Changes can be made gradually, and the easiest way is to start with the walls! Apart from frames, shelves for small mementos and pots with flowers, there should also appear more personalized elements of arrangement. And such can be introduced through… inscriptions!

  1. Wallpaper

Wallpaper with inscriptions is the hit of the arrangement of children’s and teenagers’ rooms. They may feature motifs related to his hobbies, inscribed names of cities he would like to visit someday or motivational quotes – broken down into their first parts, of course. Wallpapers with inscriptions can overwhelm, so in small interiors it is worth resigning from covering whole walls with wallpaper – one part of the room is definitely enough

  1. Pictures and posters

Posters are practically the essence of any youth room. Both in the past and today, stick-on posters seem to be an expression of youthful individuality. So before you forbid sticking posters to a bare wall, allow your child to express himself. You can get involved in the process of arranging the space and buy anti-frames or posters and pictures with motivational sentences and well-known quotes

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  1. Corkboard/magnetic board

A corkboard is not only a place where you can hang letters, timetables, photos and postcards. In addition to serving a functional purpose, it also has an aesthetic function – corkboards and magnetic boards are simply a great accessory that, by the way, allows you to express yourself creatively. Before you buy your child a whiteboard, look around for possibilities. You can easily find at least 4 types in home furnishing stores – a cork board (for pins), a paper clip board, a chalkboard, and a magnetic board. They all serve similar functions, but the paperclip board fits more into industrial interiors with its aesthetic, and the chalkboard won’t serve as a place to store loose scraps of paper – but you can write a new sentence on it every day

  1. Whiteboard paint

Whiteboard paint is something that both kids and adults love! Using paint rollers and a brush, you can conjure up a section of wall that you can easily write on. Wall lettering takes on a whole new meaning with it! It seems to be the most practical to buy a whiteboard paint that has magnetic properties by the way – this way you do not have to buy a blackboard for your child anymore and one of the walls will be used in an interesting way

  1. Motivational quotes

Self-adhesive stickers that create sentences and quotes are also available in large DIY stores. You may not like the huge black inscription “my room, my kingdom”, however, your child will finally feel on his territory. Take him or her on a trip to the home furnishings store and let them choose the most appropriate inscription

  1. Name stickers

This is a good idea especially if you have a lot of kids. Each of them will feel at home in their room when their name reigns on the door. And in the end, this is what the above-mentioned decoration methods are all about. Let him decide!

Even if you love minimalism, it doesn’t mean that your child will feel comfortable in interiors decorated in an ascetic way. Remember that he/she is going through a turbulent time in his/her life and his/her room should be a bastion where he/she can relax, collect his/her thoughts and calm down. Therefore, even if you do not like the color of paint he has chosen, do not criticize it – try to come to a compromise, looking for the golden mean between the tastes of your child and universal decor, which will not have to be changed two years later. The most important thing is that your teenager feels included in the process of creation of the arrangement – after all, it is his room!

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